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TellAldi Survey

TellAldi is a customer satisfaction survey and feedback portal introduced by the Aldi retail store chain to get an idea about customer satisfaction and guest experience.

Through the Aldi Customer Survey, the customers and consumers from the store can share the Aldi Feedback. is the Aldi Survey portal that allows the users to share the Aldi Customer Feedback.

As a gratitude for the sharing of your feedback, the store chain offers a great chance to win £100 in Aldi Vouchers.

aldi survey
Aldi survey

In taking the survey, the users just have to answer some questions and queries by selecting an appropriate answer for every interrogation. the golden corral breakfast menu

Each & Every survey participant gets a chance to win 1 of 9 prizes of £100 in Aldi Vouchers every month

All the participants who perform an online Aldi Survey successfully get a chance to win Aldi Prize Draw in Aldi Vouchers.

Well, it is notable here that only the participants who satisfy the prize draw terms and conditions can win the fixed prize of £100 in Aldi Vouchers.

The intention of the Aldi Feedback Survey

The principle intention behind the feedback survey is to get an idea about customer satisfaction and guest experience at the store.

Through examining some questions, the survey gets an idea about which kind of experience the customers have had at their stores.

The store chain takes your feedback and opinion seriously and it finally helps the store to improvise the customer satisfaction, services, facilities, and conveniences offered to the customer.

All the customers who participate in the survey are always advised to share loyal and honest feedback to the store.

Tell Aldi Survey Term & Conditions*

Requirements to take an online survey

♦ A visit receipt with Aldi Survey Entry Code

♦ An internet-connected device (Laptop, Mobile, tab, etc)

♦ The ability to understand and answer in the English language

£100 in Aldi Vouchers Terms & Conditions*

♦ No requirements for making the purchase or payments to enter the survey or the lucky prize draw.

♦ Only the legal residents of the United Kingdom are eligible to enter the competition.

♦ 18 years is the minimum age required to share feedback, perform survey,s and enter the Aldi competition.

♦ An accomplishment of an online Aldi Survey at or is necessary to enter the prize draw.

♦ Aldi’s employees, officers, or agents and their immediate families sharing the same household including children, spouses, siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are not eligible to enter the competition.

♦ Only two prize draw entries are offered per household per week. One is eligible to win only one prize in any 12 week period.

♦ Tellalldi Survey offers nine separate prizes of £100 ALDI vouchers in each calendar month. 9 separate winners are announced each month.

♦ Competition winners have to accept the prize as offered and are not eligible to redeem the gift card for cash or any other alternatives.

♦ Void where restricted and prohibited by the law.

How to take Aldi Survey to win £100 | Steps

The customer who wished to participate in the Aldi Free Vouchers Competition and perform the survey successfully must have Aldi Receipt with the Aldi Survey Code.

Once you have the Aldi survey entry code, follow the steps given below to perform the survey and enter the free Aldi vouchers.

⇒ Visit the Tell Aldi Survey portal at

aldi survey
Aldi survey

⇒ Enter the 12 digits Aldi Survey Code printed on your visit receipt.

⇒ Once you enter the necessary info, you will be on the feedback page where you have to share your opinions and customer service experience by selecting an appropriate option for every question and issue asked there.

    1. Departments you have visited in the store
    2. Based on your visit, how likely is it that you would recommend this Aldi store to a friend or colleague?
    3. Overall shopping experience and satisfaction you have had at the store
    4. Cleanliness and tidiness at the store
    5. Helpfulness and guidance by the staff members
    6. Easiness in getting in and around the store
    7. Availability of the products and goods at the store
    8. Satisfaction with the overall price you have paid
    9. Any problems or troubles you have faced at the Aldi stores
    10. The overall shopping experience at the store

⇒ Once you complete answering the interrogations on the feedback page, you will be asked if you would like to enter the Prize Draw of £100 Aldi Vouchers. Press YES there to enter the prize draw.

⇒ Enter your personal details including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Age, Gender, Yearly household income and accomplish the survey.

⇒ In the end, you will receive a notification that “Thank you so much for your time”.

⇒ Once you complete the survey successfully, you will get an automatic entry in the Aldi Prize Draw worth £100 in Aldi Vouchers.

Aldi Survey Tips and Final words

♦A user must check the Aldi Prize Draw winners every month carefully if they have had participated in the competition to win £100 Aldi Vouchers. Who Knows, if you might be the next lucky prize draw winner!

♦Also, we always advise our readers to take care of their receipts whenever they visit restaurants, retail stores, or grocery shops.

♦Come with a visit receipt to us and win lots of surprises including free gifts, gift cards, free vouchers, free food, and cash prizes.

♦ Hopefully, I was helpful for you to complete the Tell Aldi Survey and get a free entry in the TellAldi Survey Prize Draw of £100 in Aldi Vouchers.

♦If you have any trouble in taking Aldi Survey, sharing Aldi Feedback, or entering the competition then comment below and get online help from us here.

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Tell Aldi FAQ

What is the Isle of shame at Aldi?

“The “Aisle of Shame” is the name that unofficially Aldi fans have given the middle aisle which is home to an assortment of weekly rotating food and non-food items which are available for purchase only until supplies run out.

How hard is it to get a job at Aldi?

Being employed at Aldi isn’t a snooty job where you relax in the bakery or the deli (neither that they offer) throughout the day with nothing to do. The handful of employees are doing their best. … People who have been employed by Aldi have affirmed that it’s among the most demanding jobs they’ve had.

Why doesn’t Aldi have a phone number?

Aldi does not have store phone numbers since they have only just a few employees working in the store at one time. It allows cashiers to work at the registers and stockers from putting new items on the shelves with no interruption. This eliminates the need for an additional staff member, which is essential in keeping prices down.

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