Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey and Win £500 or €600 (UK & Ireland) 2022

Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey 

Want to win a PS500 Argos Gift Card by sharing Argos Store Feedback at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (UK) or www.Argos.ie/store feedback (Ireland)?

If yes, Argos, the UK-based retail business, is popular for the customer satisfaction that it provides to its customers in the shops. Customers can leave Argos Customer Feedback online and have the chance to be a winner of the Argos PS500 gift card prize drawing.

You can share your thoughts in the Argos Customer Survey regarding the quality of the products and customer service, the ease of use, the manner of employees, the environment and so on. 

The Argos survey of vouchers can be conducted using four methods and all methods have similar chances of winning. Participation in surveys and purchases is not required for entry and the chance to win. 

Based on your shopping experience, you are able to write detailed reviews and complains. Your feedback and thoughts aid the company in developing the future products and services it offers.

It is important to comply with the terms of the contract and conditions. You must meet the requirements listed and follow the steps below to provide feedback from customers and to enter the prize draw for gift cards successfully.

Purpose of the Argos Store Feedback Survey 

Argos is one of the leading UK digital retailer, and is a Home Retail Company subsidiary. It offers laptops, computers netbooks, white goods and other items. Through shops and mobile channels, as well as phones.

The retailer Argo is interested in knowing how your recent visits to the Argos Store were? Did you enjoy the helpers there? Are you happy with the services provided? 

On the www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback website, they developed a feature program called Tell Argos customer feedback survey.

The survey provided by Tell Argo measures the satisfaction of the client at the time of their last visit. The Argo Store Survey allows new Argo customers to speak to the company about their issues and suggestions to improve. 

The primary reason behind Argo’s Customer Survey Argo Customer Survey is the ability to gather accurate details from customers who are loyal to ensure that loopholes are identified. 

The company examines the information and makes changes to improve the service after the survey. If you’ve recently been to an Argo retail store, take the survey online for Argo and help your business grow.

Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey

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Argos Feedback Survey Reward 

An PS500-valued gift card (EUR600 for Ireland residents) will be awarded to the winner. This Prize Draw has started on 23 April 2020 and the last date for submitting entries will be five February in 2022.

 If you are chosen to be the prize winner, you’ll receive an email or phone number at the contact details that you provided at the time of entry. 

If you’re ineligible due to any reason, your entry will not be considered and a different winner will be chosen.

Argos.co.uk/storefeedback Survey Rules and Requirements

  • A customer who purchases from the Argos store has to carry an authentic receipt for their visit or an electronic device (mobile or computer) that has an internet connection, e-mail ID, telephone number and a basic ability to speak the English language for participation to the poll.
  • The person who is taking the survey has to fill out an online poll in the next 7 days of having visited this store.
  • There is no purchase or payment is needed to submit feedback via the survey portal or participate in the draw for prizes with gift cards event.
  • Only Argos customers who are resident of United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Ireland who are over 18 years old can participate in the prize draw.
  • The participant has to complete the argos.co.uk/storefeedback survey in order to participate in the gift card draw online.
  • Representatives, employees, officers directors, employees, and employees of the Argos retail chain, and/or the immediate families of their employees can’t take part in the prize drawing event.
  • After the randomly chosen winners will be announced every month, each prize draw winner is awarded an PS500 Argos gift card..
  • The prize winners are unable to redeem the gift card or any alternative cash options are provided.
  • The validation code that is received following the feedback survey will only be good for 30 days. It is essenClick here for more rules.
  • Quicksteps to win £500 or €600 Argos Gift Card Prize Draw

    • Go to the Tell Argos Survey portal at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or www.Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland).
    • Input your Argos Survey code(Till number, transaction number along with the store number) and then go to the page for feedback.
    • You can share Argos Store Your feedback will be available via the Survey page.
    • Fill in the required Personal Identification Information.
    • How to Complete the Argos Feedback Survey at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (UK) | Argos.ie/storefeedback (ROI) – Detailed Guide

      Entry Methods of Argos Feedback Survey

      1. Invitation Receipt
      2. Invitation to send an e-mail
      3. Survey Flyer is available in the store
      4. The Free Admission Method (without survey)

        1. Invite Receipt

        1. When you’ve completed your retail purchases in the store, invitations are sent out to selected customers to join an Argos Gift Card Survey. If you have recently bought something from Argos and you haven’t saved your receipt of purchase to complete to complete the survey by using an appropriate survey code 

          1.To do Argos PS500 Survey:1. Visit www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland) and enter the till number, date of purchase, store number, transaction number, age, and captcha code.

      2. Then give loyal answers to all your shopping questions in the shop Argos.

      3. Lastly, include all the requisite information such as the name, e-mail address, and date of birth for one entry.

      2. Invitation to e-mail

      You’ll get an email invitation to take part in a survey if already have subscribed to Argo’s email updates. Click on the survey link that is sent via email to gain your entry into draw for the Contest Draw and answer all questions.

      3. Survey Flyer in-store

      To take advantage of to access the Argos guest satisfaction survey online go to your local participating Argos store to find the flyer with a link to a website address. The leaflet can be obtained from the partner at the time of distribution. Go to the Argos feedback website and follow the instructions for the survey and take part in the sweepstakes as part of this Argos survey.

      4. Method of Free Entry (without survey)
      You can go to survey.foreseeresults.com/argos?flow=ss if you don’t want to complete the survey? Enter your personal details to be eligible for your place in the Argos Prize draw, such as email address, name telephone number, age as well as the address (as as shown in the above picture).

      www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback Survey – Helpful Tips

      • Anyone who has participated in Argos Gift Card Prize Draw are advised to review the announcements of winners carefully. You never know, you could become the lucky next winner?
      • The participant in the survey is advised to share their personal information that will assist the restaurant chain locate the person and inform you promptly when you’re the winner of the prize draw.
      • The readers were also advised of to keep receipts when they go to restaurants, retail and pharmacies, or shops. Send the receipt directly to us, give us your thoughts, complete an online survey to receive free food, gift cards, cash as well as other rewards for surveys on our site at surveydetails.co.uk.
      • Tell Argos Feedback Survey participants who cannot take Argos Survey at www.argos.co.uk/storefeedback or cannot enter the PS500 Argos Gift Card Survey can share their issues below. Please share your with us your Argos problems below to receive online assistance from us here via surveydetails.co.uk.

        All About Argos Store
        Argos Limited, Argos Ltd is an UK as well as Ireland retailer that was purchased from Sainsbury in 2016. Supermarket Chain of Sainsbury in the year 2016. It was founded in the month of November 1972, and was named in honour of Argos which is the name of a Greek town located in Greece. With more than 883 retail stores and 29 million customers who shop annually and more than 1 billion online visitors The company trades via physical shops as well as online. It’s one of the biggest UK high-street retailers. In other countries such as China they even franchised its business overseas.

        Argos Contact Details 

        Telephone number: 0345 640 2020Accessible between 8.00 until 20.00 all hours of the day, 24 hours.

        Contact Page: www.argos.co.uk/help/contact-us/

        Mail Address:
        Argos Direct
        Royal Avenue
        WA8 8HS

        Final Words

        In short, it’s an excellent opportunity for all to save or collect money. It is only necessary to spend an hour or so on the survey. 

        You can also receive better product or service next time, and not just for free. It’s a great idea to solicit feedback directly from your customers in the marketplace.

        We hope that the issue about this survey is evident from this article. The details are from every corner we’ve tried to offer. 

        What are you expecting? Take those boots out in exchange for some honest feedback, get some money at www.Argos.co.uk/storefeedback (United Kingdom) or www.Argos.ie/storefeedback (Ireland).

        Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey   Also search

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        www.argos.co.uk sale items

        Take Argos Customer Feedback Survey   FAQs

        Is Argos owned by Sainsburys?

        Argos is part of the Sainsbury’s which acquired Home Retail Group, the previous owner of Argos and Habitat on the 2nd of September 2016. This has created one of the leading UK retail stores for food as well as non-food. It is an enterprise that offers multiple products, multi-channels with rapid delivery networks.

        Who is Argos biggest competitor?

        The most popular competitors for Argos are Mamas & Papas, Birchbox, DICK’S Sporting Goods and Marv Golden Pilot Supplies. Argos operates an internet-based retailer that sells a wide range of products for consumers that are available in both the U.K. and Ireland.

        Is Argos going bust? 

        Sainsbury’s plans to eliminate 3500 jobs as it closes of the 420 Argos outlets as well as all of its fish, meat and Deli counters. The 420 separate Argos stores will shut down in March 2024 however, Sainsbury’s has announced that it will start opening 150 Argos outlets within its supermarkets.

        What is Argos the god of?

        According to Greek mythology Argus Panoptes, a 100-eyed gigantic (Argos Panoptes) or Argos was the primordial massive, guardian of Io and the son of Alester. He was also known as “all-seeing” and due to his eyes, he was described as a powerful, multi-eyed beast who’s eyes never shut.

        What’s happened to Argos?

        Argos was bought from Sainsbury’s in September of 2016 in the course of the retailer’s attempt to expand its strategy of multichannel. The network of stores is being transformed, with a large number of standalone stores being closed in favor of digital stores inside Sainsbury’s.

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