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Deichmann Feedback Survey Research: Footwear is one of the most essential parts of our wardrobe. They are the perfect complement to our outfit regardless of what we’re looking for: Shoes, sandals, sneakers or heels, bellies boots, and whatever else we own. 

We’ve separated our options of shoes to wear with different clothes

thes for a long period of duration. For example, a shoe for a day at the golf course or wedding and an evening party…etc

Deichmann SE provides a range of shoes at a reasonable price that is suitable for everyone. The company has developed an online poll of feedback to understand what’s going on through the heads of their clients. 

They are eager to hear what you think, since they are passionate about serving customers with the highest quality. They would like you to come to their store time and time again.

This article will provide you with all the details regarding Deichmann SE Customer Experience Survey.

 Deichmann SE Customer Experience Survey. We’ve provided the prize for the survey along with the guidelines and rules, a step-by step guide, and of course, contact details. Go through this article and fill out the survey if eligible. Don’t get too riled on this! !

Purpose of the Deichmann Feedback Survey

All feedback surveys have a purpose to be used. The majority times, the goal is to determine the good and bad aspects of strategy of the company.

 The business would like to know what people who use them feel about them. What do they think of them and what they enjoy and dislike, as well as what are their top products, and the many things they would like to have in their collection.

Every feedback survey has the intention of being used. The majority of the time, the aim is to identify the positive and bad points of the strategies of the business. The business would like to know how users think about their products. 

What do people think about them, and what do they like and dislike in addition to what are their top items as well as the various items they’d like to include in their inventory.

Deichmann Feedback Survey 

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If you’ve taken part in your Deichmann SE Customer Experience Survey You are entered into the prize draw for a PS300 coupon. The coupon is redeemable in any Deichmann SE store. Deichmann SE in the United Kingdom.

The promotion may be terminated at any point the sponsors desire without prior notification.

Deichmann Feetback UK Survey Rules And Requirements

  • In order to be eligible you must be a legally person living in the United Kingdom.
  • The participants must be at the bare minimum of sixteen years old to participate in this Deichmann questionnaire for feedback.
  • The employees of Deichmann SE, their family (mother father, brother, spouse, children) and representatives of the company promoters or any other person who is associated with the company are not eligible to take part in the survey.
  • Only one entry by an individual is considered to enter an entry into the Monthly sweepstakes. Multiple entries will be deemed to be invalid and will be eliminated prior to draw time. Feetback drawing of prizes.
  • Participants must provide their full name, email address, and postal code in order to be eligible to take part.
  • The promotion is able to be modified or completely halted at any time , without prior notification. The promoters are entitled to refuse entry entries or remove them from the promotion.
  • The Feetback survey should be conducted via the official site that is part of Deichmann Customer Satisfaction Studyat to be eligible for the chance to be a winner of PS300.
  • The entries must be made prior to the closing dates. Entries submitted after the deadlines are not eligible as eligible for the sweepstakes.
  • The draw will take place during day of the beginning of the week in the following month..
  • Winners will be announced by the 10 of the day of the next month.
  • The company is entitled to choose an alternate winner in the event that the current winner is unable to claim the prize after the 12 day period after the announcement.
  • The prize cannot be claimed at UK stores.
  • Cash alternatives are not offered in lieu of coupons. The prize is also not transferable.
  • A laptop, smartphone or other device with an internet connection of a reasonable quality is required for the survey.

Quicksteps to Do the Survey 

  • Visit the website http://www. was specially designed to conduct the survey through the firm.
  • Enter the number of the store, the date of visit, date and transaction code from your receipt.
  • Review your overall experience at the store. You’ll be asked a few questions regarding the store. answer them all truthfully, and then continue.
  • Choose “Yes” when you are asked to take part in to enter the raffle for the chance to be the winner of PS300.
  • After you’ve answered all of those questions, you should add your personal information, such as your complete name, e-mail phone number, address and your postcode.
  • Click Next, and you’re finished by completing the questionnaire.

Step by Step Instructions to Complete the Deichmann Feedback Survey 

1. Visit the official site for the Deichmann SE Customer Satisfaction Survey at to participate in the Deichmann Feedback Survey.

2. Review the privacy policies for the draw that are listed on the first page. Be sure that you’re qualified for the survey. If you are, click ‘Continue’ ‘.

3. Include the following information from your most recent purchase receipt to begin the survey including store code Date, time, and the transaction number.

4. Rate the overall experience in the Deichmann store. You can rate it from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.

5. Make sure that your responses are real and not sugar coated. The company is looking for honest feedback so that they can better themselves.

6. It is possible to inform them whether there was a problem that you encountered during your visit and how pleased you are satisfied with their resolution.

7. Provide your gender and age for classification purposes. Click ‘Next’.

8. On the next page, select ‘Yes’ to enter the Deichmann Feetback Prize Draw.

9. Then, provide your full name, phone number, e-mail address, and postcode.

10. Finally, submit it, and now you have finished the feetback survey for a chance to win a £300 gift voucher…!

Feetback Customer Experience Survey 

  • The Deichmann feedback survey winner will be notified of winning confirmation of winning via email or phone within 10 days after the date of closing.
  • Always enter your correct contact information. If you don’t, you won’t receive any notifications from the company in case you win the sweepstakes.
  • Keep all receipts for purchases you make while shopping. You could earn survey rewards similar to this.
  • If you are having any problems with any issues related to the Deichmann Feedback UK Survey, we can be reached here by email at

About Deichmann 

Aren’t the Deichmanns among the most affordable and top brands?

No matter where you go, you’ll locate it.

Deichmann SE is the largest shoe store in Europe located in Germany.

It is a family-owned business and is recognized as Dosenbach as well as Van Haren in Switzerland and Netherlands.

Heinrich Deichmann founded the shop in 1913, at an age of just 25. The shop was called Schuhreparatur Elektra. Deichmann is a major retailer of shoes rather than making the shoes. The main place to purchase shoes is Asia.

Deichmann Customer Support

Contact Number:

01858 468546 (Monday – Friday: 9 am to 5.15 pm)


[email protected]
[email protected]

Mail to:

Deichmann-Shoes UK Limited,
16 Compass Point,
Market Harborough,
LE16 9HW

Final Words

We’ve given you all of the survey information that you require to be able to win this PS300 Gift Card from the Deichmann.

 Now all you have to remember are these steps, take your receiptand fill out survey Deichmann Feedback Survey on

Send this article to your friends and family If you think it’s beneficial.

Best of luck! !

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Deichmann Feedback Survey  FAQs

What is a feedback survey?

A Feedback survey is a method to measure happiness and satisfaction among different businesses. It can be measured by following the products/services and the work environment of the company.

What is difference between feedback and survey?

What’s the difference between a Survey and Feedback? A survey is usually a series questions that are part of an overall survey, whereas feedback is more specific and is tied to specific queries.

Why is Survey Feedback important?

Improved communication results in better customer understanding, better business decisions, and higher customer satisfaction. Survey feedback that is well designed and implemented can help you achieve your goals of customer retention, brand loyalty, and profitability.

How are surveys good for feedback?

Surveys are a great way to get emotional feedback from customers. Surveys are a great way to find out what elements and features they love about your product.

What is the purpose of feedback?

Feedback is for improving performance . It is important to determine whether this is happening, and then adjust as necessary. Make sure you document all conversations to see what works and what needs to change.


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