The Range Store Feedback Survey (UK & Ireland) 2022

The Range Store Feedback Survey (UK & Ireland)

The Range Store Feedback Survey: Did you visit The Range store recently? Then, The Range Store Chain wants to know about your recent shopping experience at the store.

and the chain hence conducts a way through which the customers can share their customer experience at (UK) or (Northern Ireland).

So, if you’re one of the customers at The Range Store, you’re fortunate this time as The Range store is giving you the chance to win PS200 for nothing more than your honest and authentic feedback regarding your last visit to The Range Store.

What is the time to wait? If you are unsure regarding how to proceed you should know about the Customer feedback survey conducted by The Range Stores, just read this article. You’ll know how, when and how to take advantage of this amazing chance to take home PS200.

Purpose of The Range Storefeedback Survey

What could a top-of-the-line established business of retail learn from the answers to their questions, suggestions, and opinions from you? It’s as simple as the clear sky early in the morning.

Your suggestions and feedback will be used to determine the things you enjoyed and disliked about shopping in their store. 

They can then look at ways to alter or modify the elements or things you didn’t like about shopping in their store, and introduce new products that you could like shopping in the future.

Don’t be too surprised, it’s all good for you, “the customers.”

If you’re astonished by what they gain from making you feel happy? There’s a straightforward answer for this. Satisfied and happy customers are the key for a company’s growth. 

To put it into simple terms Happy Customers are clients who are returning and will return very soon, which will aid in the growth of the business. So, yeah, that’s it.

Happy Customers Happy Business! !

The Range Store Feedback Survey

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The Range Feedback Survey Reward UK & ROI

After you have completed you the participation during the range store’s survey on customer feedback and satisfaction You are rewarded with the chance to take home PS200 (UK) through an exciting prize draw.

If you’re located in Northern Ireland, you have the chance to take home the EUR200 voucher and is redeemable when you next visit The Range Store. Survey Rules and Requirements

Below given are the rules and requirements you will need to follow in order to take part in this Survey.

  • You’ll need the Purchase invoice ( buy bill ) that you will receive after purchasing something from Any Range Store.
  • Participants must be at minimum 16 years old to be eligible to participate in the Survey.
  • You’ll require either a laptop computer, mobile phone or tablet in good working order and connected to high-speed internet to take part for the Survey.
  • You must be proficient of the English language to be able to understand the questions on the Survey and give useful and accurate answers and responses.
  • Only participants who are from United Kingdom and Ireland that are at least 18 years old can participate in the prize draw.
  • It is mandatorily required to complete participation in the Survey at to enter the Range Store’s Prize Draw.
  • You won’t be able to participate at the range store’s Customer feedback Survey or Prize draw when you or a family member is an employee/staff member at one of the Outlets at the Range Store.
  • The winners will not be permitted to transfer their prize to any person or claim it for money or any other reason and you must make use of the prize in the way it was intended.

Quicksteps to win £200/€200 The Range Gift Card

  1. Open a browser and visit The Range Store Feedback portal at (UK) or (Northern Ireland).
  2. Enter the Range Survey code and the store’s name as well as other necessary information on the page to enter the survey.
  3. Input the required Personal Identification information at the top of the page.
  4. Review the issues and take The Range Feedback Survey.
  5. Make sure you check the boxes and complete your online Survey. You will receive an entry automatically into drawing for prizes.

After having completed the online questionnaire, a participant must wait for the winner of the survey’s announcement. Lucky winners are announced and given the PS200 The Range Gift Card.

How to do The Range Guest Survey at – Detailed Guide

In order to take part in the Range Store’s Customer feedback and satisfaction survey, it is advised that you follow the steps that are given below :

1. Go to The Range Feedback Survey homepage at (UK) or (Northern Ireland).

2. Now, select Yes, if you have a receipt and enter the 20 digits found at the bottom of your receipt.

3. Also, enter the amount spent, who served you, and the store you visited.

4. Select Noif don’t have the receipt . simply type in The Range store name to finish the Survey.

5. Please enter the following personal information in order to be notified whether you’re the winner of the prize draw Name, First name, age, email address, telephone number and Postcode.

6. Now, answer/rate the issues you have experienced at the store with all honesty.

7. Check the option available as “You may contact me to follow up” to win the £200 The Range gift card. The store needs to be able to contact you.

8. Click the SUBMIT option available at the end, and you will receive a notification “Thank you for your feedback.”

After you have completed all of the steps above the job is completed. After that, the survey participant must sit and wait until the Range Store Chain to announce the winners of the prize draw.

 Keep track of the winners of the prize draw’s announcements as it is possible that you’re a lucky prize winner from the PS200 gift card range prize draw!

The Range Customer Survey – Helpful Tips

  • The Range customers who completed The Range Store Feedback Survey must look up the winners to see if they are their PS200 The Range Gift Card Survey winners after they announce. There’s the chance to win a gift card.
  • Everyone is also suggested keeping receipts every time they go to restaurants or grocery stores. Send the receipt directly to us, provide feedback, complete the Survey and get free prizes through us at
  • The Range Survey participants still have troubles in sharing The Range Store Feedback at The Range Survey portal can share their survey issues below. Send us your Range Feedback Survey issues below and get immediate help by contacting us at

About The Range

In 1989 The Range Store opened for the first time in the year 1989 on Billacombe Road in Plymouth. Today it is the Range Store is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing retail stores within the UK.

 With over 175 stores all over in the United Kingdom, the Range Stores expansion is described as steady but massive. They carry a variety of more than sixty thousand products, and this extensive list of products is broken down into more than sixteen categories. 

The products provided to customers through their Range Stores range from homewares and furniture , to handicrafts and everyday items. 

Their core values and ethos is to offer the finest possible products to their customers in the best condition and in the best quality together with the highest quality ambience and service.

For a long time, The Range stores, retail outlet with multiple channels selling their merchandise that fall under the home, garden as well as leisure category, have been able to keep its customers throughout both the United Kingdom and Ireland happy and content.

 Over the years, The Range stores have grown quickly extensively, widely, and dramatically.

The Range Contact Information

  1. You can reach them at the Range Group at 0345 026 7598 at any time during the hours that are listed below:
    • Monday through Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.
    • Saturday: 08:30 – 17:00
    • Bank holidays: 08:30 – 17:00
  1. Write an email to The Range The Range at the email address below:

The Range, Elsie Margaret House,
William Prance Road,

Final Words

You now know everything you need to know about the Range Store as well as their survey. Also, you know how useful it is to you and also the Stores of the Range.

My question is what are you wasting time on? Don’t spend your time in a hurry Dear friend,

Go to now !! !

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The Range Store Feedback Survey FAQs

What is a feedback questionnaire?

Feedback surveys are a method of assessing the satisfaction and happiness levels. Feedback survey an instrument designed to measure or identify satisfaction and happiness of various businesses or customers. It is measured through the evaluation of the services or products offered by the company, or the working environment of the business.

What are some of the key components of a survey feedback chart?

The most common survey is composed of three components: the introduction, the actual questions and the end. Below, we’ve provided a brief outline of each.

Is survey and feedback same?

A survey is generally a series of specific questions that are asked as part of an overall survey whereas feedback is a collection of information and is tied to specific questions rather than entire surveys.

How do you ask for constructive feedback?

Make it clear that you are interested in their suggestions. For instance: “One of my goals this year is getting honest feedback on how I can be more efficient at work, so I’d like to inquire from you a few questions. I’m very keen to hear your thoughts and would like you to be open and honest.”


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