Shell Spin To Win Amazing Prizes 2022

Shell Spin To Win Amazing Prizes

Shell Spin to Win with Shell Go + is an instant-prized advertising campaign presented by Shell UK Oil Products Ltd at

 It is a brand new program to reward customers who love the excitement and entertainment in the UK at their local Shell Service Station during the offer time.

The Shell Spin for a Chance to Win campaign during the campaign, you can purchase game cards at Shell service stations across England, Scotland, and Wales.

 Each game card contains an exclusive promotion code for a chance to be the winner of a prize. The code on the gift-advancement site during the promotion time.

The Shell spin to win campaign is planned to draw attention to Shell service stations from Jan 6, 2022 to March 2, 2022. It includes two weeks of additional time to play online through the 16th March.

 Remember that dates can change due to events beyond the management of the promotion’s promoter which includes any pandemic scenario.

 Should there be any modifications to the period of promotion or other plans that are outlined in these conditions and terms, the public will be announced. It is therefore recommended to be sure to check regularly to see any changes.

Shell Spin To Win Prize Details

Spin to Win is Shell U.K’s most recent promotion platform and has many prizes to win instantly at or 

It is possible to win up to 23,417,100 cash prizes which include prizes like a camping holiday, shell gifts for energy, .

garden transformation voucher as well as complimentary Costa coffee, non-fuel-based shell food items, fuel free for the entire year, accommodation for families and many more.

Prizes are split in two categories: online Instant Win prizes and winning and collecting Extra Game-related Prizes. Instant Win Prizes Online comprise major Instant Win Online Prizes as well as Consolation Prizes for Instant Win.

Major Instant Win Prizes Online The promotion offers the most amount of prizes that can be won during the promotion period. 

It also includes the Glamping Holiday, Shell Energy Gift Cards, Costa Free Coffee, Garden Makeover Voucher, It also includes a tasty dessert, etc.

Consolation Online Instant Win Prizes – It includes Jamie Oliver Cookery Classes, Readly Free One Year Subscription, Shell Energy Shop 10% Discount, and more.

Collect and Win Bonus Game Prizes – This category offers Forest Holidays Family Staycation, Shell Free Fuel for 1 Year, Uber Eats £200 Credit, and so on.

You’ll have the possibility of winning purchase of PS20or more at the Shell petrol stations. This promotion might seem generous, but not all of the prizes are guaranteed to be won. Moreover, the chances of winning any of the huge prizes are very small.

Shell Spin To Win Amazing Prizes

Also read:

 Spin To Win Shell Rules & Regulations

  • The promotion is only available for England, Scotland, and Wales residents.
  • When they apply for admission, applicants have to be members of Shell Go+ loyalty scheme. Shell Go+ loyalty program.
  • If you’re not an existing participant in Shell Go + You will be contacted to sign up prior to entering your username and password.
  • Each day, you are able to enter Spin to Win only one time. A maximum of three entries per week amount, when a week lasts from Thursday until Wednesday.
  • Every time you turn the wheel at or, you’ll acquire an instant prize, and you’ll have another opportunity to win.
  • Access to high-speed Internet access is essential to participate.
  • A purchase from Shell U.K is required.
  • The entry deadline is not the same as the promotion timeframe will be considered.
  • The promoter’s representatives or any agent of the promoter is not allowed.
  • Each promotion code is unique and can only be used only once.
  • Inadequate, unclear inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading entries that are not clear, incomprehensible, or misleading will not be accepted.
  • Contests entered in another’s name are disqualified at the decision of the promotion.

How To Enter Shell Go Spin To Win at

1. To be interested in the game of shell go and spinning to win you’ll be required to join Shell Go+ Rewards. Shell Go+ rewards program.

2. Make sure you spend at least PS20 for petrol from every Shell petrol station – this includes Pay at the Pump or at the store.

3. You’ll receive a gaming card that has a unique Spin to Win code.

4. A unique code is sent via email when you pay with pay at pump.

5. This is the time to Log in at using your registered Shell Go+ email address.

6. If you’re an Shell Go+ member, then click “I’m already an Shell Go+ member,” or click “Help me join Shell Go +.”

7. You can then log in or create your Shell Go+ account.

8. Enter your email account and passcode to sign in.

9. You’re now all set to spin. Just enter your name, surname, and e-mail address, then hit to click the Register button.

10. In the following page you’ll find on the next page, you will see a “Spin for Win” button. Click it.

11. Input your shell spin win a prize, enter the code and you’ll win a cash prize.

12. You’ll also receive an extra prize for collectors If you complete the set of three pieces. Also, you’ll win that additional prize.

13. There is no way for entering the number more than one time.

About Shell

Are you seeking details about Shell UK? There are a variety of ways to learn more information about this company. Royal Dutch Shell is a British multinational oil corporation with headquarters in The Shell Centre located in London. 

It is among the’supermajors’ in the oil industry. by 2020 , it is expected to be the 19th largest corporation globally. It has offices across Europe, France, UK, France, Germany and the US.

Shell U.K. Limited is an energy company located in the UK that investigates and develops energy-related products. It produces natural gas, fuels and Lubricants. It also offers LPG to clients in the UK as well as around the world.

 Additionally, it has subsidiary companies in Canada and both the Netherlands in addition to Canada. Its subsidiaries are situated across the globe in various countries.

Shell Contact Details

Address: Shell U.K.Oil Products Limited (as agent for Shell U.K. Limited),
Shell Centre, York Road,
London SE1 7NA

Telephone number: 0800-731-8888 (or 0443 079 1103

E-mail: [email protected]

Final Words

Spin to Win Shell is a thrilling promotion program that provides a shocking reward scheme. Each time you spend PS20 at Shell, you have the chance to win thousands of prizes instantly at or

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Shell UK Spin To Win FAQs

What is the duration of the Shell Spin to Win Promotion?

The promotion is on beginning on the 6th of January, 2022 until March 2nd 2022. In between these times, you must make an purchase. Up to 15 March 2022 at 23:59:59, promo codes are available to enter.

Where do I find my Shell promotion code?

If you purchased the fuel at the Shell Service Station, your promo code will be printed on the promotional card. If you think you belong to Shell Go+ and have paid for your fuel at the pump you will be sent your email address to that Shell Go+ listed email address with your promotional code.

How many times can I enter the Spin to Win Shell?

You are allowed to enter only one time each day , but at least three times per week (Seven days start from Thursday through Wednesday).

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