Take YourKFC Survey UK & Get 20% Instant Discount Voucher 2022

Take YourKFC Survey UK & Get a 20% Instant Discount Voucher

Take YourKFC Survey is among the biggest restaurant chains all over the world and is famous for its customer satisfaction and satisfaction provided to its patrons. The chain of restaurants has launched The YourKFC Survey to the United Kingdom for maintaining excellent customer service. www.yourkfc.co.uk.

The customers who are interested in sharing their KFC feedback online. Additionally, after completing survey KFC Great Britain Survey, 20% discount KFC vouchers are given to each participant.

Did you visit KFC? Have you recently visited the KFC restaurant and would like to receive a free voucher for your comments on your YourKFC Guest Experience UK questionnaire portal? Check out the guide to survey in the following paragraphs and adhere to the steps to claim your free KFC voucher now.

Participating UK participants can provide feedback via www.yourkfc.co.uk While those people from the United States can participate in the

Purpose of the YourKFC UK Feedback Survey

Take YourKFC Survey

It is the KFC fast-food chain (Kentucky Fried Chicken) isn’t just any other chicken fryer and is also the second-largest fast-food chain globally, and is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC offers a range of chicken fried recipes for its customers throughout the day. But, KFC needs to hear the opinions of their customers to improve their service. This is why the KFC Fried Chicken Restaurant chain has released that it will conduct the KFC Survey of Guest Satisfaction Survey to learn about customer feedback, suggestions grievances, wishes, and expectations.

YourKFC Guest Experience and Feedback Surveys allow customers to share valuable and useful feedback that will assist in helping KFC expand. It is your KFC Survey is primarily concerned with collecting feedback, suggestions, and feedback of UK KFC guests to discover their weaknesses and drawbacks.

Based on the information gathered, Kentucky Fried Chicken can improve consumer service and offer a more enjoyable shopping experience.

KFC Survey Reward

For YourKFC Survey Rewards, every participant receives a 20 discount voucher in the form of a validation code for each month of residence. The redeemable voucher is available for 14 consecutive days after the date of issue. Therefore, make sure you go to KFC’s KFC store within 2 weeks to avail the discount. Additionally, a required minimum amount for PS5is required to avail 20 percent off.

KFC GES Survey UK Rules and Requirements

Take YourKFC Survey

Rules and regulations for participation in the KFC UK Survey of Guest Satisfaction Survey can be found as the following:

  • It is crucial to be armed with KFC survey codes or KFC visitor receipts in order to distribute your feedback survey. KFC Customer feedback surveys.
  • The use of a smartphone or laptop (laptop or smartphone) with an internet connection is required for sharing feedback.
  • The customer must submit yourkfc.co.uk complaints and fill out the online survey in order to receive a no-cost validation code.
  • Submissions for all submissions have to be made prior to the deadline (the last day of every month).
  • Participants must be citizens of the United Kingdom.
  • At least of 18 old to be eligible to take part in Your KFC survey.
  • There is only One survey as well as one verification code is provided on every visit receipt, and only one prize can be claimed every 14 days.
  • A person must complete an online survey and then receive the voucher within the short time (3 daysfrom the date of the receipt).
  • Write down your validation number on the receipt you have for you to redeem it during the next time you visit KFC.
  • The voucher must be used KFC 20 discount coupon in the next fourteen days after the date of issue. If not, the coupon may expire.
  • The customer must purchase food for the voucher to be redeemed at the restaurant. The voucher cannot be combined with other offers.
  • The prize comes in the shape of a valid code and cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred, or exchanged in exchange for cash.

Quicksteps to Win Yourkfc.co.uk 20% Discount Voucher

Take YourKFC Survey

  1. Go to YourKFC UK Survey Portal at www.yourkfc.co.uk.
  2. You must enter your KFC Store Coupon as well as the required information.
  3. Give us your honest feedback about your last experience at KFC and then move on to the next section.
  4. After you have answered all the questions, give your full name and email address.
  5. Fill out the survey, and receive your complimentary KFC Validation Coupon to redeem 20% off.

How to Take part in the KFC UK Survey at www.Yourkfc.co.uk – Detailed Guide

1. Go to the KFC Survey UK portal at www.yourkfc.co.uk and agree with the SMG’s terms of service https://anthonysrestaurant.co.uk/.

2. Enter the following necessary details from your visit receipt: Store Number, Date of Visit, Time, and Order Number.

3. Now, select the Order type and answer how did you place the order?

4. Now, the survey participant will be on the main KFC Feedback UK page. Here, answer/rate the questions/issues you have experienced at the restaurant with all your honesty.

5. Enter your age for classification purposes and click Next.

6. Fill out your contact details such as Name and E-mail Address.

7. Submit the survey, and you will receive a free KFC 20% Validation Code on your screen.

8. Once after receive the 20% Discount Voucher code, you have to write the code on your visit receipt. When you revisit a KFC restaurant, show the validation code to the cashier and get your free discount on the next purchase.

www.Yourkfc.co.uk Survey – Helpful Tips

  • The customer must bring the receipt from their previous purchase along and the valid code for free to receive 20% off the next time they visit.
  • All readers recommended keeping track of receipts for sales every time they visit stores, restaurants, retail outlets, or shops.
  • Send the receipt directly to us, then share your thoughts, complete an online survey to receive free food, cash, gift cards, and more survey rewards by contacting us at surveydetails.co.uk.
  • The customers/participants who are unable to take Your KFC Survey UK or cannot share KFC Feedback UK at the www.yourkfc.co.uk 20% Discount Voucher portal can share their issues below and get help from us here at surveydetails.co.uk.

Click Here For Official Website: https://www.mykfcexperience.com/

About KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken is more known to us under the KFC brand name. KFC is not just a fast-food restaurant, but the symbol of the fast-food business in the world the present. It is the KFC brand is well-known across the globe, with more than 20,000 stores and outlets across a variety of locations across a variety of countries.

The huge fast food restaurant chain was founded on a modest basis and can be traced back all the way to Great Depression. At the time Colonel Harland Sanders started a small restaurant in the middle of the road entirely by himself, to attract pedestrians and motorists. It took 22 years to get KFC to adopt its franchise policy, but after it had implemented its franchise policy it grew rapidly.

They still use their authentic and authentic Fried Chicken recipe, even today. There is a belief that the recipe contains a secret blend of spices and herbs which makes KFC Fried Chicken distinct. In addition to the famous fried chicken they make using their secret ingredient they also make tasty rice dishes, burgers, Salads French fries, wraps, and desserts too.

Today, KFC fast food is considered to be the second-largest chain of restaurants, second only to McDonald’s. Today, KFC has annual sales that exceed $20 billion.

KFC Contact Details

KFC Great Britain Contact details are given below: KFC Great Britain Contact details are listed below :

Contact Page: help.kfc.co.uk/hc/en-gb/requests/new

Phone Number: United Kingdom – 0345 753 2532
Republic Of Ireland – (+44) 0345 753 2532

KFC Care Squad,
250 Airbles Road,
ML1 3AT,

Final Words

At the end of the day, I hope you’ve found all the details that meet your requirements in this KFC Great Britain survey and enjoy the KFC Great Britain reviews on this blog.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know via the comment box to the right. If you believe this article is helpful, send it out to your family and friends via social media. Visit surveydetails.co.uk for more information on the store and food-related surveys.

So what do we do? …? You can take Your KFC Survey now! Survey Your KFC Survey right now on www.yourkfc.co.uk.

All the very best …!

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What do you get for doing KFC survey?

After entering the information on the receipt, the customers are able to respond to some of their questions regarding their experience, and also provide feedback. Then everyone will get the discounted 15% coupon to redeem at any KFC restaurant.

How do I participate in KFC customer survey?

  1. Go to www.MyKFCexperience.com.
  2. Enter the store’s name the time, date and ticket number you received from your receipt. Then click Start. 
  3. Learn about the survey, and then use a scale of five points to answer a question regarding your experiences.
  4. Choose the kind of visit that you took.

Where does GES come from?

G.E.S offers industrial customers liquid fuels through the Engen Refinery in Durban as well as from other refineries through the inter-refinery agreement for fuel supply among the largest Petroleum companies.

What is in the $20 family fill-up at KFC?

What is in a KFC $20 Fill Up? In the KFC 20 Fill-Up, customers receive eight pieces of the Original Recipe chicken, 2 large potato mashes one large gravy one coleslaw, and four biscuits.

What’s the difference between the $20 fill-up and the $30 fill-up at KFC?

The $30 Fill-Up is basically similar to the $20 Fill-Up (Eight portions of cooked chicken, or 12 tenders, a huge coleslawserving, 2 large portions of mashed potatoes, gravy along with four biscuits) however, it comes with 12 extra Extra Crispy tenders from the chicken as well as eight chicken pieces fried to pay an additional $10.

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