Tellusyourtail Pets At Home Feedback Survey 2022

Tellusyourtail Pets At Home Feedback Survey

Tellusyourtail Survey: Do you have pets? If you’re already an animal lover then you will require supplies for your pet such as pedigrees for your dog and fish pellets or fish for your feline. you’ll need a constant supply of pet products.

Also, if “getting an animal” on your list it is possible that you are searching for the right location to purchase one. Yes, you’re discussing Pets At Home stores in the UK.

If you own pets and frequently require items for your pet, or are looking to purchase an animal for yourself This article is perfect ideal for you as there’s an unique surprise to you right here. Keep reading and I’m certain you’ll enjoy it. Trust me on this one . keep reading.

Purpose of the Tellusyourtail UK Survey

The motivation for why you should take part in the Pets at Home Feedback Survey is simple and easy to understand. In every company selling products is of paramount importance.

A higher rate means more profits, so growing sales is the primary objective of any company. In order to boost sales, it’s important that every company makes sure that customers remain satisfied when they shop with them.

The most effective method to accomplish this is to know the things that customers love or dislike and what they would like they could see happen in the coming years.

 If they take these necessary steps and making the necessary adjustments that the business will stay always a top choice in the minds of customers. This is the reason why Pets at Home shops are running this Pets at Home Survey at

Tellusyourtail Pets At Home Feedback Survey

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Pets At Home Feedback Survey Reward

You will get a chance to enter their prize draw after successfully taking part in the Pets at Home Survey at If you’re chosen to be the lucky winner in the Tellusyourtails Sweepstakes, you will be awarded a Pets at Home gift Voucher valued at PS500.

Tell Us Your Tail Survey Rules and Requirements

If you’ve made the decision to participate in taking part in the Tell Us Your Tale Participation SurveyI recommend that you go through and be aware of the rules and requirements for taking part in the survey. These are provided in the following paragraphs:

  • All Tellusyourtail Survey participants must be at minimum 18 years old..
  • You should have a basic understanding of the English language in order you can comprehend the questions and give meaningful helpful feedback and solutions.
  • The legitimate receipt from The Pets At Home Store is necessary to participate in the prize draw.
  • Participation on this Tellusyourtail Survey only every month.
  • Each month’s the day that is the last day of the month is the date of closing for survey Tell Us Your Tail Survey.
  • It is the 7 day of every month. day of each month will be the date for draw for the Pets at Home prize draw.
  • The panel’s decision is final when it comes to the prize draw is concerned.
  • Winners will be notified about winning after 7 working days of the draw from The Pets at Home Fish4Opinon Survey team, either by mail or by post.
  • The prize offered to the prize winner in the Pets at Home customer survey prize draw is non-negotiable and completely non-transferable.
  • It is not possible to take part of The Tellusyourtails Survey if you are an employee or a closest relative or a close relative of an employee from The Pets At Home store of any store.
  • You’ll need a sophisticated device (e.g. laptop, smartphone or tablet ) to participate of the survey conducted by Pets At Home.

Quicksteps to Win £500 Pets at Home Gift Card

The information you have now is almost all concerning The Pets at Home Tellusyourtail Survey but you’re not sure how to complete it. So, here I’ll give you the easy steps for completing this Pets at Home Survey.

  1. Go to the official website of the Pets at Home Feedback Survey at
  2. Give the necessary information ( Quote Reference Number Date time, and amount spent) regarding you visit at the Pets At Home store you were at last.
  3. Begin to answer the survey questions with honesty.
  4. Give your contact information, including Name, Email ID and phone number.
  5. Next, click next and complete the questionnaire to participate in for the Ask Us Your Tail sweepstakes for a chance to be the winner of a prize of a pet care gift card from Pets At Home.

How to Do the Pets at Home Survey 

If these quick steps didn’t help you comprehend how to take part in your part in the Pets at Home Fish 4 Survey Don’t worry as I’ll give you step-by-step specific instructions on how to participate of taking part in the Pets at Home Fish 4 Opinion Survey.

1. Use your smart device or computer and link with the Internet.

2. Open your web browser and go to the official site of Pets at Home Fish 4 Survey that is available at

3. Once you have accessed the website on the website, you will find an announcement that comes from when you arrive at the site, there will be a note from Pets at Home Tellusyourtails Survey team that covers nearly all the important information about privacy policies and other details. After reading the note and clicking on the green button, which is titled ‘Continue’ .’

4. You will then be directed to a web page on which you will be required to enter the following details from the original receipt.

  • Number of reference to quote
  • Your visit date
  • The time of your visit.
  • Amount spent.

5. Choose where you’ve been whether the Shop and Groom Room. Select all if you’ve visited both.

6. You will now be asked to give your satisfaction rating by rating different aspects related to your trip to Pets at Home. Pets at Home store. When you are grading your rating make sure to be as truthful as you can.

7. Give your gender and age for purposes of classification.

8. In the next window make sure you select Yes to submit an entry into draw for the Pets at Home Prize Draw.

9. Then, you’ll be asked to supply your contact details so you can be contacted by the Pets at Home group can reach you should you be the prize winner.

10. After completing your Tell Us Your Tail Survey If you complete the survey successfully, you’ll have an opportunity to take home a Pets at Home PS500 Gift Card to save money when you go at The Pets at Home store.

Tellusyourtails UK Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Everyone who participates in this Pets at Home Free Gift Card Prize Draw is advised to look over the winners’ list each month. You could be the very next lucky person!
  • Make sure to double-check your personal details prior to submitting it. A mistake in your contact information can result in the loss of your thrilling reward.
  • It is recommended to keep all receipts you’ve received from your shops and aid you in saving money when you shop again.
  • Input your receipts here Get our survey guidelines and get free reward points.
  • If you’ve faced difficulties while conducting the survey, please let us know about the issues in the comment section below and seek assistance from us via .
  • Additionally, each participant is able to express their opinions about the staff, services as well as other aspects by leaving a comment in the following box.

About Pets At Home

Pets at Home is more than just a retailer of pet-related products. The products offered by Pets at Home ranges from pet foods, pet toys bed and pet comforters, medicines pets, pet accessories, and animals of all kinds. 

It is the Pets at Home Group is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it is also a component of the FTSE 250 Index.

The the first Pets At Home outlet was inaugurated in Chester, the capital city Chester in in 1991, in 1991 by Anthony Preston.

It was 1999 when it was 1999 when the Pets at Home group acquired Petsmart UK. It was certainly an intelligent move by The Pets at Home Group as the move created the chain to nearly 140 stores under the Pets At Home brand name.

Pets At Home’s Contact Details

Contact Page:

Pets at Home Limited,
Epsom Avenue,
Stanley Green Trading Estate,
Handforth, Cheshire,

Final Words

After I’ve explained to you everything you need to know about the contest and the prize drawing and prize draw, you are able to visit the survey website right now and complete the survey.

Thank me later, guys. Take this satisfaction survey today at and you could win the PS500 prize ! !

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Tellusy ourtail Pets At Home Feedback Survey FAQs

How do you rate a satisfaction survey?

To determine to calculate your CSAT rating, take the number of happy customers and divide it by the total number of your customers. Then multiply the result by 100. You’ll get an amount, and the more it’s higher the more content your customers are.

What is an example of a questionnaire?

The most common examples of a questionnaire include: Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire The type of study can be utilized in any scenario where there is an interaction between the customer and an organisation. For instance, you may ask for feedback from customers when someone dines in your restaurant.

What is a leading question in survey?

Questions that are considered to be leading questions that researchers ask that could lead a person to respond in a biased, specific manner. Leading questions are an essential issue in survey design and question structure to avoid in conducting qualitative or quantitative research.

What are biased questions examples?

For instance For instance, you might solicit feedback from customers about their experiences with your customer service staff. If you choose to leave out “poor” in the survey, then you’ve affected the results of the survey. An excellent example of opposites could be the NPS survey that is a standard question that has a score between 1-10 regardless of the location or when it’s offered to the public.

What is a feedback questionnaire?

Feedback surveys are a method of assessing the satisfaction and happiness levels. Feedback survey an approach designed to measure or identify the satisfaction and happiness of various business entities or customers. It is determined by observing the services or products offered by the company, or the working conditions of the organization.


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