Tesco Views Customer Survey UK at www.Tescoviews.com 2022

Tesco Views Customer Survey UK at www.Tescoviews.com

Tesco Views Customer Survey provides the voucher for a gift to customers who complete the Tesco Views customer satisfaction survey. You can attend the guest survey online at www.Tescoviews.comand complete this survey in about 10 minutes or less.

After completing this Tesco Viewpoint Survey the customers are able to win the Tesco gift Cardfor the amount in the amount of 1,000 PS. Everyone who shops at Tesco customers is invited to submit their genuine purchasing experiences with their Tesco customer survey.

Tesco is one of the most popular supermarket chains offering many varieties of dairy, fresh milk products, and other food items that are essential to your everyday life. If you’re interested in taking your part in Tesco Consumer Viewpoint Survey this piece will be beneficial to you. We’ll provide you with detailed and concise steps regarding the Survey on Tescoviews.com.

Purpose of the Tescoviews Customer Survey

Tesco Views Customer Survey

In the Tesco stores, Tesco would like to know how customers are treated. Customers can share their opinions about their experiences in a Tesco Offlet, based on a short and simple To-the-minute Tesco customers’ feedback surveys. 

Your feedback and suggestions will be used to improve the service and quality that the company provides. Every participant earns 25 Clubcard points as well as the chance to take part in a monthly competition to be the winner of a PS1,000 gift card from Tesco.

Tesco believes that everyone’s voice is crucial to assist the company’s efforts to improve its products, services, and other aspects better. This is why we express our thoughts and opinions, complaints, and suggestions on this Tesco survey. It is a survey that can be completed online.

Tesco Shopping Survey will ask you questions on the efficiency of service as well as cleanliness, friendliness, and many more. 

When the survey is finished and you have completed it, you will be entered into the monthly drawing for Tesco views, and you could win a PS1,000 Tesco gift card. Additionally, you can earn 25 Clubcard points for free if you are an existing Clubcard owner. You can take this Tesco Survey for 25 Clubcard points each month.

www.Tescoviews.com Survey Reward

Tesco Views Customer Survey

United Kingdom: You’ll be entered into an additional draw to take home a Tesco gift card valued at PS1000 and 25 points on your Clubcard when your Clubcard number is entered in your Tesco Viewpoint Survey. It is important to note that only 1 set of 25 Clubcard points is allocated to a household entry per calendar month.

A winner is picked each Tuesday on the 1st day of every calendar month. The winners will receive a confirmation via email or telephone on the following day of the draw. You must provide current contact details and they will then send the gift card via post to the address you have provided. It will then be distributed to a different winner in the event that the prize winner does not respond to the advertiser. The list of winners for the prize draw of every month’s calendar is via the website.

Tesco Views Guest Survey Rules and Requirements 

  • The customer or visitor to the Tesco store must possess a valid receipt for their visit with the date you visited as well as the four-digit number from your most recent visit.
  • A device (PC laptop, mobile, or PC) that has Internet connectivity, an email ID, or a phone number.
  • Knowledge of the English language is necessary to take part in the study. Participants in the survey will require the ClubCard to receive 25 Clubcard points.
  • A purchase or payment is not necessary to participate in the prize draw.
  • Customers of Tesco who reside in the UK 18 and over are eligible to participate in the prize draw.
  • Survey participants must complete an online survey on tescoviews.com in order to participate in the prize draw.
  • All employees or officers, representatives, directors, or employees from the Tesco retail store chain or relatives of the employees are not eligible to take part in the prize draw.
  • A limit of one prize per family is permitted. Each month, a random winner of the prize draw is chosen and is awarded a PS1000 Tesco Gift Card.
  • A winner of a prize draw is required acceptance of the card and Clubcard points, as they are given, and it cannot be exchanged or exchanged in exchange for cash.
  • The winners must agree to publish their names and photos for publicity purposes.

Quicksteps to Get Tescoviews 25 Clubcard Points & £1000 Gift Card 

  1. Visit TescoViews Survey Portal at www.tescoviews.com.
  2. Enter the Tesco Survey Code and then go to the form on which you can leave feedback.
  3. Give a rating to Tesco Feedback issues and complete the survey.
  4. Fill in the necessary personal information then complete this survey.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve taken part in this Tesco Survey PS1000 Gift Card prize draw successfully.

How to Enter the Tesco Viewpoint Survey at www.Tescoviews.com – Detailed Guide

Tesco Views Customer Survey

1. If you’re located in the United Kingdom, check out the www.Tescoviews.com survey site.

2. Enter the 4-digit code of your receipt and then press Enter. If you aren’t sure of the code, click cannot locate your code, or look at the images below.

3. Input whether you work for Tesco or not.

4. They will be grateful for your taking part in the survey of customers as part of the Burgess Hill Gatehouse Express Tesco customer survey.

5. Select when you made your most recent visit, as printed at the bottom of your receipt, then click the next.

6. Choose the time at which you went to the shop. If you aren’t able to remember the exact time, it’s listed on your receipt.

7. Select the kind of store you’ve visited.

8. To begin the Survey, click next.

9. If you’re ready to answer additional questions, Click Yes, or you may end the survey by selecting No.

10. Reflect on your trip and discuss your experiences using several questions. Respond to the following questions with honesty.

11. When you pass the test, you will be asked to provide personal information will be required like your name, telephone #, email as well as Clubcard number.

12. Now you have entered the prize draw to receive £1,000 from Tesco. If you are a club card member, you will also get 25 points.

Tesco Customer Viewpoint UK Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants who are unable to communicate Tesco Feedback on Tesco Views Survey Portal tescoviews.com are able to share their concerns by leaving a comment below. Comment on Tesco Viewpoint Survey issues below and get online support from us in completing the survey with success and winning the PS1000 Tesco Gift Card now.

All About Tesco

Tesco PLC, headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England is a world-renowned British food and general merchandise retailer. Tesco is the second-largest retailer in terms of gross revenue and the ninth-largest in terms of sales. It is the leader in the market for food products in Britain, Ireland, Hungary as well as Thailand with stores in seven countries across Asia as well as Europe.

The year 1919 was the time that Jack Cohen founded Tesco in Hackney London market stalls. The company expanded later. Tesco has expanded into clothing, books, electronics, toys, mobilization gasoline, software telecoms, financial services and Internet services.

Tesco Contact Details

Contact details are listed on the site. Make sure you contact them in the event you have a problem.

Address: Tesco Stores Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA, UK

Customer support: 0800 505 555

Final Words

This survey is a direct communication between the clients and the company to evaluate the company’s performance. Tesco hopes to improve and create remarkable products, services as well as other elements. Therefore, your feedback about the quality of the facilities, ease of use, helpful employees, payment methods online, and many other elements will help the store.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take part in the Tesco Customer Survey. You can earn the PS1000 gift card or 25 Club Points at www.Tescoviews.com.

You can also participate in Tesco competitions and also win Amazing Rewards

Click Here For Official Website: www.tescoviews.com/

Good Luck…


How do you do a Tesco survey?

Visit the survey site at https://www.tescoviews.com/.

  1. Enter the 4-digit number from your receipt, then click enter.
  2. You will receive a message thanking your for taking part on survey Great Yarmouth Extra Tesco customer survey. 
  3. You must enter the dates of the visit written on your receipt. Then proceed to the next step.

How do I find my Clubcard number?

You can check the last four digits on all Clubcards in your Account by clicking ‘Clubcards in account within My Account. Each of these cards can still be able to earn Clubcard points. It is possible to determine if the physical card you’re using can be found here. Alternately, download and utilize the Clubcard app to earn points.

How does Tesco use customer data?

Tesco offers insight into the habits of shopping of its 16 million customers across the UK by way of its loyalty program. The retailer has used the data to calculate a ‘health score’ for each basket sold by the retailer. It helps it identify patterns in what customers are buyingand how their shopping habits alter with the changing of events throughout the year, and also during seasons.

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