HMV Hear My Voice Feedback Survey UK 2022

HMV Hear My Voice Feedback Survey UK

Voice Feedback Survey: The HMV-Hear My Voice UK Survey The truth is that we have all been aware of this HMV retailer for quite a while isn’t it? We’ve stumbled across their data, not just us, but our grandparents and parents. HMV wants to know your honest thoughts about their services. For that purpose, they are conducting an online customer experience survey at

We’ve provided all the details you require to take this HMV My Voice Online Survey. Be sure to read the entire article and contact HMV to complete the Survey by HMV. In this article, you will find out more about the rules and guidelines, the reward for the survey as well as the steps to take the survey. Let’s dive into the details of this article.

Purpose of the HMV Hear My Voice UK Survey

Voice Feedback Survey

A survey of customer satisfaction assists the company to better understanding the opinions of their customers and their feedback. This will help them examine their overall performance. It will allow them to analyze which aspects of their strategies are working and which of them aren’t receiving the attention they deserve. This will allow them to improve their business in totality which will help them increase their visibility in the marketplace.

In addition to surveying, surveys are a fantastic instrument for marketing and business analysis. The company would like to hear honest responses from their clients in order to take an important step towards improvement. Please note that they’re looking for genuine reviews and not fake sugary reviews.

HMV Hearmyvoice Feedback Survey Reward

A Gift voucher amounting to $100 will be given to the winner each month. Following the completion of the survey, you will be entered into the HMV prize draw. If you’re fortunate enough to win, you are able to take the gift card to the closest HMV retailer or any other you like.

The prize for the survey may be changed at any time within the period of time, so please go through the full conditions and terms below for any details regarding the deadline for the prize draw.

HMV Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules and Requirements

  • A cellphone laptop, computer, or tablet that has a decent internet connection is needed for participation to the survey conducted by HMV.
  • Participants must be aged 18 or older to be qualified.
  • Only residents of within the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands can participate in the Hmv-Hearmyvoice Survey.
  • As with every prize draw, HMV survey participants are employees or agents of the business or their immediate family members are not permitted to take part in the HMV survey.
  • The prize is not transferable or reimbursed.
  • The prize is not exchangeable to cash in hand. It has to be accepted as it was given.
  • The store will only accept 1 entry will be accepted at HMV. HMV store each month. More entries are eliminated at the end of the month.
  • Only entries submitted through the official survey site will be accepted. Site entries from third parties are rejected prior to the selection of the winner.
  • The winner will receive the winner’s notification via e-mail within a few days of the date of the draw.
  • The winner also has be able to take possession of the gift card within 2 days. If not, a different winner will be chosen and you’ll lose the chance of winning the gift card that is free.
  • Every person must complete the survey correctly to earn an entries to this survey. HMV Hear My Voice Survey.

Quicksteps to Win HMV £100  Gift Card

  1. Begin the HMV Customer Survey by entering the official site at
  2. Read these terms and conditions of the contract and go on onto the next. Select “Yes”if you have an original buy receipt. If not, choose No.
  3. Include the receipt’s information or the survey invitation number. Also, indicate the date and week that you visited.
  4. Review your experiences on the next pages. You may also share your experience if you experienced any difficulties problems during your visit.
  5. After you’ve answered all questions, type in the details of your name, email address, or phone number and then click the next button.
  6. In the end, they will be grateful to you for taking part. You have been entered into the Hearmyvoice HMV Sweepstakes.

How to Enter the HMV Feedback Survey at UK – Detailed Guide

Voice Feedback Survey

1. Visit the official site for the feedback survey at

2. Read carefully these terms of service carefully prior to taking part in the survey. When you sign up for this survey you be committing to the conditions and terms of the organization.

3. You will then be asked if you’ve made purchases during your visit. You must have an invoice for your purchase or a survey invitation to be able to participate on the questionnaire.

4. Select Yes if there is an order receipt. Enter the correct information including the transaction number, store’s number, till number, operator number date when you made the purchase, time of purchase, and the amount you spent.

5. Otherwise, click Yes if you’ve received an invitation. Enter the number of your survey. On the next screen you’ll have to enter the date and the date and time for your trip.

6. Your overall experience should be rated in accordance with your observations. In addition you might be asked a several questions. Be sure to answer the questions in a timely manner then move onto the next section.

7. Additionally, you will be offered the chance to express your displeasure in a detailed essay about your displeasure.

8. The next part of the survey, you’ll be asked to give your gender and your age. Then, proceed through the subsequent section on the questionnaire.

9. They will ask you if you’d like to take part in into the HMV Hear My Voice Sweepstakes or not. Click “YES” and proceed to the next page.

10. You can fill in your personal details like your name, number of phones and email address.

11. In addition, they will be grateful to them for their time. At the end of the day, you’re entered in the draw to win the gift voucher for PS100 from HMV.

Hear My Voice HMV Survey – Helpful Tips

  • It is the responsibility of HMV respondents to the feedback surveys have to confirm the winner’s information by writing a request in writing to HMV customer service.
  • Every reader must keep receipts of purchases safely from all restaurants or shops. There is a possibility to earn rewards for free by providing comments.
  • Send us the receipts you’ve got and you can win thrilling rewards by using our easy survey instructions here:
  • Contact us at this number for any questions or concerns regarding your participation in the HMV Hear My Voice Survey.
  • Always give honest feedback even if you’ve had a negative experience, as positive reviews will not increase your chances of winning an award.

About HMV

If you are a fan of music, video, games, and tech products, you’ll be familiar with HMV.

100 years ago the first HMV shop was launched by the famous British conductor and composer Sir Edward Elgar in London’s Oxford Street in the month of July 1921. In the present, HMV is among the most sought-after businesses in the world with more than 120 locations across Britain providing a broad selection of brand new and catalog titles.

HMV Customer Support

Mail at: store.[email protected]

Help via Twitter @hmvUKHelp

Help via Facebook

Contact them at: Sunrise records and entertainment limited
Mermaid House, Puddle Dock,
Black friars, London,

Click Here For Official Website:

Final Words

Like other businesses, They know that we’re all busy in our daily lives, and we would not want to invest even a minute of our time working on useless work. This is why they offer prize money to encourage their customers to take part. Therefore, the next time you visit HMV take a look around the collection and then look over their services and give them a rating based on your own opinions.

Now, we have provided all the information you will require while completing the survey at Read the information carefully and then complete this survey on your own speed.

Our wish is that you receive a slice of fortune…

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