Enter Waitrose Competition and Get Free Rewards 2022

Enter Waitrose Competition and Get Free Rewards

Waitrose Competition: Waitrose, which was established in 1904, is among the most famous British retailers and lifestyle companies. Waitrose is a company based in England that manages a chain of supermarkets that sell food items, packaged goods, furniture for the home, and related products.

Waitrose offers a variety of weekend contests, all of which offer fantastic prizes. Visit their website to fill in the form to enter.

1. Win With Tom Dixon Waitrose Competition

Waitrose Competition

Win with Tom Dixon is a prize contest open to everyone living in the United Kingdom, except for Northern Ireland, aged 18 or above. Employees of the Promoter, its associated agencies, corporations, or third party companies, as well as any other persons professionally connected to the competition, are eligible to participate.

Tom Dixon Competition Period

The deadline for submission of entries is the time of 00:01 on December 30, 2021, and 16:59 on 1st April 2022. Following the Closing Date, No entries will be accepted.

Tom Dixon Competition Prize

The prize is Tom Dixon Royalty Scented Candle, which can be located on John Lewis & Partners. There are five prizes for grabs and each participant has the chance to be the winner of one. One candle of the royal scent is awarded to every winner.

Tom Dixon Competition Rules

 Waitrose Competition

By filling in an entry form for a prize draw by submitting a form, you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions as listed below.

  • There is no compelling reason to purchase anything, and there is no expense to enter through the waitrose.com/wintomdixon site.
  • There is a limit on one entry per person. If there are multiple entries made directly or through automated methods, the draw will be null and void.
  • Prizes are not transferable and are not refundable and are dependent on availability.
  • There are no financial alternatives.
  • Draws for prizes will take place in the event of correct entries are received before the deadline.
  • The awardees must reply in the first 30 days after receiving notification of their acceptance of the award.
  • If a participant fails to respond to inquiries within the stipulated timeframe or if the reward is not accepted the Promoter retains the right to exclude the winner and choose another.
  • It is recommended to allow 7-10 days for the delivery of your prize once the address of the winner has been verified.
  • Prize winners will be informed as fast as they can after the draw by either text or email or phone call, using the contact details provided with the entry for the prize draw.
  • Any entry that is inaccurate, inexact or incomplete data will be disqualified.
  • Any entries that do not comply with these rules are thrown out and deleted.

How to Enter the Tom Dixon Waitrose Weekend Competition

  1. To enter, go to waitrose.com/wintomdixon.
  2. Follow the directions to enter winning the draw on at the top.
  3. Complete the form online with your details including your name address, email address, phone number, aas well as any other information you think is required.
  4. Then, you must give your consent to allow your information to be used for the Waitrose competition. aaa
  5. Last but not least, you must mark the box if need more information on Tom Dixon and submit it.

 2. Win A VIP Slane Irish Whiskey Waitrose Competition

Every UK citizen (excluding Northern Ireland) is eligible to participate and win a prize in the VIP Slane Irish Whiskey Waitrose Competition. To be eligible for this prize draw, participants must be at the age of 18.

Slane Irish Whiskey Competition Period

Your entry must be received between 23rd February at 00:01 2022 to 23:59 on the 22nd March 2022. After the deadline entries are weighed late and rejected.

Slane Irish Whiskey Competition Prize

One night distillery experience that is VIP in the Slane Irish Whiskey distillery is available for grabs.

Slane Irish Whiskey Competition Rules

Waitrose.com/winvipslaneirishwhiskey is the only way to enter, and entering the draw involves acceptance of these terms.

  • To be eligible, you’ll need the receipt or purchase number. It’s completely cost-free to make an entry.
  • It is there is no limitation to the number of submissions one can make.
  • The entry that is not in accordance with the rules are null and void and the Promoter is entitled to the power to exclude entries that do not comply with the rules of the competition.
  • Any entry that contains incorrect or incomplete information is null and void and the Promoter reserves the power to remove entries from the Waitrose contest.
  • The cost of travel that are incurred by winners or their guests along with any other costs incurred during the general enjoyment and use of the prize is the sole obligation of the winners and their visitors.
  • The prizes are contingent upon their availability and there aren’t any cash alternatives. They aren’t transferable or refundable.
  • If necessary The Promoter has the option to suspend, end or modify the prize contest without obligation to any contestants or other third parties.
  • Winners will be informed via either text or email or call, as quickly as is possible following the draw for prizes and using the contact details included in the entry to the contest.

How to Enter the Slane Irish Whiskey Waitrose Weekend Competition

  1. Simply purchase a bottle of Slane Irish Whiskey 70cl and go to waitrose.com/winvipslaneirishwhiskey to participate.
  2. Follow the directions in the upper right-hand corner of this page for registering to the contest and fill out an online application to provide your details and any other essential information.
  3. Select the way you bought the item: on the internet or in a shop. Then enter either the number of your purchase or the receipt number.
  4. Fill the gaps with your contact information and address.
  5. Lastly, you must give your consent to allow your personal information to be used in connection with this Waitrose weekend contest and send it.

3. Win A Luggage Set Competition Waitrose Competition

The prize draw plan is available to everyone in the United Kingdom, not including Northern Ireland, who are of the age of 18 years or older. Employees of the promoter and its associated agencies, corporations or third party companies, or any other professional involved with the prize draw are not permitted to participate.

Luggage Set Competition Period

The entry period begins at the time of 00:01 on December 30th, 2021 until 16:59 on the 1st April 2022. Entries got after the deadline will be discarded.

Luggage Set Competition Prize

One lucky winner will receive an Atlanta 78cm Lightweight 4-Wheel Large Suitcase in Black, RRP PS119 as well as one Atlanta 55cm Lightweight 4-Wheel Cabin Case in Black, RRP: PS99 by John Lewis & Partners.

Luggage Set Competition Rules

  • Each person can only submit only one entry. The entry will not be considered if more entries are made directly or by automated methods.
  • There is no requirement to purchase any item. There is no fee for submitting a submission through the website waitrose.com/winluggageset.
  • If entries are not in compliance with these rules are invalid and the promoter can remove entries out of the draw for prizes.
  • The Promoter has the right to revoke entries that contain false or incorrect information about the prize draw.
  • The availability of prizes will depend on the next developments. They cannot be adapted, are non-refundable, and do not provide alternatives to cash except when they are they are referenced.
  • All addresses and legal documents received by the Closing Date will be entered in an award drawing and the winner will be chosen randomly.
  • Winners will be notified by email, text, and/or phone calls as quickly as it is possible following the draw. This will be done with the contact details provided in the entry for the prize draw.
  • The awardees must respond within 30 days of receiving the notification to confirm that they have accepted the award.
  • The instructions given are essential to the agreements of the award draw. These conditions and terms take precedence in conflict.
  • This Promoter holds the right to declare your entry inadmissible and in that case, you will be disqualified from the prize draw.

How to Enter the Luggage Set Waitrose Weekend Competition

  1. To participate, go to waitrose.com/winluggageset, follow the prize draw instructions at the top of the page, and fill out the online form with your details and other essential information.
  2. Complete the form by entering your full name as well as your email address along with your postcode. Be sure to fill out the form correctly.
  3. Then, you can make sure you have granted your permission.

4. Win With Hydrow Waitrose Competition

Any resident of within the United Kingdom aged 18 or over (excluding Northern Ireland, are eligible to take part in to participate in the Waitrose contest. The prize draw is not open to those employed by the promoter and its agents, affiliated businesses, or any other professionally connected to the prize draw.

Waterw Period of Competition

Between 30th December 2021 until 16:59 on the 1st April 2022. submissions must be made. Any entries received after this deadline will be deemed to be as late, and are removed.

Hydrow Contest Prize

The prize includes an Hydrow rower as well as an annual subscription (normally monthly, it’s PS38). As a normal cost the winner is able to change the delivery of the unit from the porch only to an in-home delivery. Following the initial year of membership, the recipient must be able to pay for the PS38 monthly fee to remain able to enjoy all the benefits associated with Hydrow membership.

Click Here For Official Website: www.waitrose.com/

Hydrow Contest Rules

  • It is dependent upon availability and delays can occur during the peak promotional season.
  • The award can’t be adapted to different circumstances. It’s non-refundable and cannot be exchanged to cash.
  • A winner is notified of the prize as fast as it is possible following the draw via email, text or phone call using the contact details supplied with the entry for the prize draw.
  • The winner must signify that they accept winning the award within of 30 days of receiving the notice.
  • The promoter has the rights to expel winners who fail to respond to inquiries within the time frame or refuses any prize.
  • It is recommended to allow between 7 and 10 days to receive the prize after the address of the winner is verified.
  • There is no need to purchase anything. There is no cost for making use of the site to make an application.
  • There is a limit on only one person per entry. If multiple entries are made directly or through automated means the draw will be cancelled.

How to Enter the Hydrow Waitrose Weekend Competition

  1. Visit the link: waitrose.com/winhydrow.
  2. Check out the procedure of the draw for prizes, at beginning of this page.
  3. Complete the online form by providing your contact details and any additional information required.
  4. Then, signify your consent to having your personal information processed to enter the Waitrose weekend contest and send it in.


Contests at Waitrose are among the most effective and simple options for people seeking to take part in competitions. Take part in any of the weekends’ contests for a chance to win amazing products like memberships, gift cards, memberships and much many more.

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