Coop Your Store Your Say Survey 2022

Coop Your Store Your Say Survey

Coop Food is a UK retail company that cares about customer satisfaction as well as guest experiences it customers had in its Co-op shops.

 And so, the retail chain has introduced a Coop Your Store Your Say Survey, where the visitors from the store can share Co-op Feedback at or

Coop Yoursay customers have the opportunity to win PS250 Coop Vouchers for simply sharing their feedback.

 This article will explain how to complete Coop Your Store Your Say survey and win Co-op Vouchers.

Follow the below instructions to earn Yourstoreyoursay rewards. Customers can submit feedback to the survey website. Co-ops appreciate your feedback and are eager to receive your ratings.

Purpose of Coop Your Store Your Say Survey

The purpose of The Coop surveys is clearly very customer-centric.As we have said, customers are the foundation of a business’s success. Happy customers are a positive thing for any business.
Coop Survey allows customers to voice their grievances and make suggestions for improvements to ensure a better customer experience in the future. The customer can also submit suggestions and opinions to be eligible for a PS250 gift voucher. The Coop Shops appreciates their customers’ time and effort. Customers will also have a better shopping experience the next time they visit The Coop Shops.

Coop Your Store Your Say Survey

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  • To leave feedback, a customer must be at 16 years of age or older. Valid Visit Receipts are required.
  • Participation in the survey requires a device (PC or mobile, laptop) that has an internet connection.
  • The prize draw is only open to residents of the UK or Isle of Man who are at least 18 years old.
  • You don’t have to purchase or pay anything in order to leave feedback or participate in the prize draw.
  • To enter the prize draw online, you must complete the questionnaire.
  • Employees, representatives and officers of Co-op retail stores chain, as well as their families, can give feedback and enter the prize draw.
  • Only one survey participant may enter the prize draw every month.
  • Ten random winners will be chosen each month and will receive PS250 Co-op Vouchers.
  • Prize draw winners must accept the vouchers as gifts. They cannot exchange or offer cash alternatives.
  • Click here for more details.

Quicksteps to Win £250 Coop Your Say Survey Vouchers

  1. Visit the Coop Survey Online Portal at or
  2. To enter the feedback page, please provide Coop Store code, transaction number, date, and time.
  3. Complete the Coop Feedback Survey to rate the store.
  4. To enter the prize draw, please provide Personal Identity.
  5. Click NEXT and submit your feedback at the end to be entered in the free voucher prize draw.

After completing the above steps, the survey participant will need to wait until the announcement of the Coop vouchers winners.

The lucky winners will receive the Co-op Vouchers in the amount of PS250 by any contact they provided during the survey.

How to Take Yourstoreyoursay Survey 

1. Go to the Coop Survey website online at or
2. Now, select a type of entry from Receipt or Invite Card.
3. Enter the following details if you have a valid visit receipt: Store Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, and Transaction Number.
4. If you have an invitation card, enter the following information: Store Number, Date, Time, and Survey Code.

5. Click NEXT to go on.

6. Answer the question YES/NO. Are you a member of Co-op?

7. Answer the following questions honestly and rate the store.

8. Click NEXT to select your Age for classification purposes.

9. Check YES for the question if you would like to enter the prize draw.
10. Then provide the following personal details to enter the prize draw event: First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, and E-mail Address.

11. Click the NEXT button, and you will receive a notification that “Thank You! You are now entered in the prize draw”.

Once you complete the above steps, your job is done. Now, you have to wait for the Coop Survey to announce the prize draw winners. The store chain will notify you through the contact details you have provided if you are the lucky winner.

Co-op Online Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • Participants must read the announcements about Coop Online Survey Vouchers winners. You never know who might be next lucky winner.
  • It is important that survey participants correctly and accurately provide their personal information. This will allow the retail chain to find you and notify them quickly if you have been selected as the lucky winner of a gift card.
  • Readers also recommended that they keep receipts at all times when visiting restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and stores.

Coop Survey Participants who are unable or unwilling to share Coop Yoursay feedback at can submit their concerns below.

 Coop Survey Participants who are unable to submit Coop Your Store Your Say feedback online at can share their issues here.

About The Coop

The roots of the Coop Organization are evidently in the Cooperative consumer society founded by Rochdale Founders.The Coop Wholesale Society created a separate Coop Society in 1863. They also sold The Coop products in hundreds of The Coop stores.CWS went through many changes over the next century and eventually became The Cooperative Group.

Co-op Contact Details

You can reach them by calling the toll-free number 0800 686 727. Lines are open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Saturday.

You can also e-mail us regarding whatever you have to convey to us at the following e-mail id: [email protected]

You can also write us letters with any information you need at the following address.

The Coop Foods
Customer Careline
Freepost at MR 9473
Manchester, in
M4 in 8BA

Final Words

Businesses that reward customers for their feedback are a customer-centric business will be able to grow. It would be great if more companies adopted such strategies.

This would also benefit the customers and the business. You can also win a gift voucher from PS250! Please leave honest feedback Isn’t this in itself amazing?

Take that survey and see what you can gain.

Make sure you search for the Coop Survey Award Winners. You would receive PS250 Coop coupons to use in-store if you were one of the lucky winners from all those who participated.

Dear Prospective Coop Customer and Coop Store Customers, why aren’t you here?

Go to Coop shop and take the Your Store Your Say Survey right now at or!

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Coop Your Store Your Say Survey  FAQs

What is coop in your explanation?

International Co-Operative Alliance defines cooperatives as ” an independent association of persons united voluntary to meet their common economic and social needs and aspirations through jointly-owned, democratically controlled enterprise.”

What is cooperative learning?

Cooperative learning is an instructional method that allows students to work in small groups in order to achieve a common learning goal under the guidance of a teacher.

What is co-operative Brainly?

Cooperatives (also called co-operative, coop or coop) are ” an independent association of people united voluntarily to fulfill their common economic, cultural, and social needs through a jointly owned enterprise.”

What is a cooperative?

Students work together on learning activities or tasks that can be done in groups. Students work in small groups of two to five people. Students learn to cooperate and be pro-social in order to complete their learning tasks.

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