Dune London Feedback Survey @ www.dunelondon.com/feedback 2022

Dune London Feedback Survey 

Dune London Feedback Survey:  Dune London could be the brand that is most important to you in the field of footwear, or maybe you have heard of the brand. 

Whatever the case, The Dune London Group is the most loved brand of footwear for thousands of fashion lovers, and the brand which has been serving your needs for footwear for more than twenty years, is organizing a customer satisfaction survey.

By participating in this customer survey at www.dunelondon.com/feedback, you can even win some awesome, exciting prizes. If you’d be interested in participating on the Dunelondon review survey read on and you’ll be aware of everything you need be aware of.

Purpose of the Dunelondon Feedback Survey

It is quite obvious that every business depends on its customers to a large extent to survive, grow and flourish. Any business that wishes to grow and prosper along with making profits will need to realize the importance of their customers and the satisfaction of their customers.

It is solely dependent on customer satisfaction that their sale will increase.

If the customer stays happy, they will come again to your shop and purchase from your shop again.

So, at Dune London, the opinions, suggestions, feedback, and reviews are given utmost value and importance; and in order to collect the very same suggestions, feedbacks, and reviews, the Dune London Group is conducting this customer experience survey.

In the event that Dune London conducts this feedback survey, they’re looking to improve their business to ensure that their customers enjoy a better experience every time they shop in the Dune London store or on their app in the near future.

Dune London Feedback Survey Reward

When you’ve completed your participation in Dune London Feedback Survey If you win, you’ll have the chance to take home:

Dune London Gift Card The winner is able to redeem the gift card upon purchase at Dune London’s Outlet. Dune London’s Outlet.

Dune London Feedback Survey

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Dune London Customer Experience Survey Rules and Requirements

Perhaps you want to participate to take part in Dunelondon Feedback survey. If so it is crucial to be aware of the conditions and terms that are listed below.

  • It is necessary to be a legally resident from the United Kingdom.
  • Participants must be an age in 18 years old.
  • You must have a basic understanding about your English language.
  • A smart device such as tablets, smartphones or laptop is required to take part in your Dune London Feedback Survey online.
  • Employees or close relative of any employees from the Dune London Group are not qualified to take part to the Dunelondon feedback survey.
  • Additionally, you cannot be in any way connected with the management or the design for the Dune Prize Draw in London. Prize Draw.
  • Participation in the prize draw can be made only after successful completion survey. Dune London customer survey.
  • Dune Group will be the sole owner of all prizes. Dune Group will possess all rights to decide on the prize. The prizes cannot be transferred.
  • Dune London Group Dune London Group retains all rights to cancel or amend any aspect of the Prize Draw at any point at any time.
  • You can participate in the customer satisfaction survey only twice each weekly (per family). Therefore, more than two surveys aren’t counted in the weekly prize draw.
  • Winners of the draw for the prize will be selected at random from a list of the email addresses of participants, which they have provided during the survey.
  • Every winners will be contact via email no after seven days after they are selected as the winner.
  • The recipient must be able to respond to this threat within five working days in the event of a delay, which will cause the gift certificate to be taken away.
  • Any gift card awarded as prize will be subject to conditions and terms that apply to Gift Cards.

Quicksteps to Win Dune London Gift Card

  1. Visit the Dune London survey page at dunelondon.com/feedback.
  2. You must enter in your receipt number as well as the Store name.
  3. You can then begin answering or grading the questions they ask you to answer. Make sure that your responses are based on your prior visit to the shop.
  4. Then, you can select “Yes” if you wish to participate in the prize draw for the gift card.
  5. Give your email address to contact you If you were the winner of the prize.
  6. Then, you can submit the survey, and then wait to see the outcome.

How to Do the Dune London Customer Survey 

If you would like to take part in the Dunelondon feedback survey, follow each step that is given below:

1. Take your smart device, connect it to the internet, open your web browser, and go to www.dunelondon.com/feedback.

2. Press on “Click here to take the survey.”

3. Now, you will reach the official survey page of Dune London.

4. First, you will have to enter your receipt number, which you will be able to find at the top of your paper receipt or on your e-receipt.

5.  The next thing you will have to do is, answer the question, “Which store did you visit?”

6. After that, you will have to mention the purpose of your visit to the Dune London store.

7. You can now take on all survey questions All you need to remember is that you must be as truthful as you can.

8. The final question that you’ll have to answer is an evaluation of the service you received.

9. After that, you will be asked to enter the prize draw, select “Yes,” and continue.

10. Now, you will have to provide your valid e-mail address to receive the gift card.

11. Finally, click on the submit button, and your participation in the Dune London Feedback survey will be complete.

Dunelondon Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • All survey participants should be sure to check their email for communications coming from Dune London. You could end up being the next winner of the prize draw.
  • Your email address is essential for communicating purposes Make sure that your email is correct prior to submitting the survey.
  • Additionally, you can discuss your concerns or issues that you face with the survey in the box below. We’re always there to help.

About Dune London

Dune London Dune London has been in the industry of footwear in London for more than 20 years. If you take a look at the amount of expansion they’ve experienced I’m sure you’ll be amazed. 

The company was founded around two decades ago with a 20 square meter shoe store has today a fashion shoe brand with more than 300 stores and thousands of shoppers shopping online around the world.

With a variety of styles of top-quality shoes for women and men, Dune London is now a top choice for fashionistas as well as celebrities and individuals from all over the world.

Dune London Contact Details

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact them at

E-mailing them at – [email protected]

Live Chat / Contact Page: www.dunelondon.com/customer-service/contact-us

You can reach them by dialing the number: 01202 037 077 (Monday through Friday from 10:00 until 14:00)
International: +44 (0)1202 037 097

Write to them at
The Dune Group
6-11 Elms Depot
Cambridge Road
United Kingdom

Final Words

After you’ve gathered all the details and information, you must take part to your participation in the Dunelondon Feedback survey. So, go to www.dunelondon.com/feedback right now and take that survey. Don’t waste your precious time All the best.

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Dune London Feedback Survey FAQs

Is Dune a good brand?

Dune London is known as a premium company with their high-end shoes that are designed to treat my feet with greater respect! I’ve collected a few of my top Dune London shoes and bags that look like designer pieces to let you see what I’m talking about.

How do I complain to Dune?

Drop us an email anytime at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days

Is Dune London a luxury brand?

Dune London is the world’s leading retailer of low-cost high-end fashion for men and women. accessories and footwear. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry of footwear the design team in-house continuously develops distinct collections inspired by the latest trends in fashion and catwalks.

Where is Dune London from?

Oxford Street, London
The business was founded as a small 20 square meter concession in a department store on Oxford Street, London in 1992 to a company with forty UK independent stores and 175 concessions at the biggest department stores in the world like Topshop, House of Fraser, John Lewis and Selfridges as well as 64 franchised stores and concessions across the 10 …

Was Dune a successful movie?

In a performance that was expected, Warner Bros./Legendary’s feature adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune has already surpassed 100 million dollars at national film box office. This brings the worldwide running total to $370 million. The ultimate high point to this Denis Villeneuve directed movie being $400 million for WW.

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