Eat On The Move £250 UK Survey at 2022

Eat On The Move £250 UK Survey 

The Eat On The Move Survey is intended to rate the levels of customer satisfaction of SSP Group at survey online The survey online called Eat on The Move is one way to get in touch with you and get to know more about you. 

This means that Restaurants are conscious of positive elements that work and also the negatives, and areas that they have to make improvements.

 It’s also easy to do and provides a complimentary Eat On The Move Voucher or Eat On The Move Gift card that can be used as an Eatonthemove Survey Rewards.

In this article you will receive all the important information regarding the Eat On the Move customer survey about their experience.

 Eat On The Move allows users to share their experiences to maintain the high quality of service and commitment. Let’s start without wasting any time and understand the rules and regulations for Eat On The Move Survey and Rewards.

Purpose of the Eat On The Move Survey

Eat On The Move would like to hear about your amazing experience! They are on the lookout for new and creative ways to provide customers with apositive customer experience.

All responses are kept confidential, and no personally identifiable information is used for marketing purposes.

Your input is valuable, and it is greatly appreciated that you took the time to share your ideas with this company. Fill out the poll today and make your voice heard!

Eatonthemove Customer Feedback Survey Reward

When you’ve finished your Eat On The Move Guest Survey You’ll have the chance to be awarded the Eatonthemove reward.

 Eat On The Move survey will award participants with an reward of PS250 in a gesture of appreciation for you taking your time to complete their survey.

After your feedback has been received after which you’ll be entered into an Eatonthemove drawing for prizes. If you’re selected as the prize winner, you will receive a gift Card worth PS250 will be given to your next Eat On The Move Visit.

Eat On The Move £250 UK Survey

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Eat On The Move SSP Survey Rules and Requirements

  • Participants must be member in the United Kingdom.
  • Only those aged 18 or older are eligible to participate to the poll.
  • You must have an active purchase or receipt in order to participate in into the Store Sweepstakes.
  • Winners will be informed via the mail (you have provided in the survey) following the draw. winner has been announced.
  • Like all other rewards from surveys Cash alternatives are not permitted in lieu of the coupon for the survey.
  • There is only 1 entry for each person. Repeated entries will be eliminated during the drawing.
  • You are not SSP Group’s employee or staff member or partner or a family member.
  • A laptop, tablet is required.
  • Basic English proficiency is essential to be able to answer survey questions accurately.
  • The survey’s sponsors can alter the rules for the survey, the draws, and rewards at any point they’d like.

Quick Steps to Win £250 gift voucher 

  1. Go to the official Survey site at
  2. Choose the area for the SSP food store, and then input the time of visit in the shop.
  3. There are some questions on your screen. Provide your own experiences and responses to any questions.
  4. Please fill in your personal details such as names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and address, at the conclusion this survey. After that, click Save.
  5. Now, you are entered into in the prize draw to be the winner of an PS250 gift card.

Step by Step Procedure to Complete the Survey 

1. Start by visiting the official site of the Eat on the Move customer satisfaction survey at

2. Select the area of the store and select the one you last visited.

3. Then, you’ll be asked to input the date and time of your visit.

4. There will be a few questions asked regarding the general satisfaction, ranging the range of highly unsatisfied to content.

5. The main focus is the hospitality of the staff as well as the cleanliness of the shop and the quality of the merchandise and the overall customer experience.

6. Upload the picture of your most recent order receipt for the SSP Food store.

7. Answer the questions in a respectful manner. Be aware that honesty is important; answers that are positive do not influence the final decision.

8. They will ask you if you’d like them call you on the basis of the questionnaire. Fill in the contact information like your name, email address as well as your phone number and your complete address.

9. Select Save and you’re now just only a phone call away from the PS250 gift card.

Eatonthemove Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

  • All Eat On The Move Survey participants should ensure that their personal information is correct in order to facilitate contact with the business.
  • Every user is advised to take note of all receipts they receive when visiting local stores, supermarkets and restaurants as well as pharmacies.
  • We’ll send you receipts, follow our step-by-step guide to survey and get free prizes or rewards with us by clicking here.
  • Retail store customers who are unable to participate in the survey or have encountered problems while participating in the prize draw are able to submit their issues in the comment box below and seek online help from us via

About SSP Group

SSP Group The Food Travel Experts is the one to conduct an Eat on the Move survey to determine their customers’ satisfaction. SSP Group is a British food service provider based within Wales in Wales and England. It operates a chain of fine dining establishments and restaurants.

They have operations in 35 countries across the globe. In all those countries, they have skilled teams that are backed by expert consultants who provide rights to the targeted market. 

They come up with innovative and new concepts based on our vast knowledge of the world of food and drinks.


Contact Details

Contact Page:

Telephone Contact Number 030 7529 8370

Address:SSP The Food Travel Experts
32 Jamestown Road

Final Words

I have included in this post all the information for the feedback survey organised by Eat On The Move at

I hope you took this Eat On The Move Feedback Survey and that you will be eligible to redeem these Eat On The Move coupons. A great PS250 voucher awaits people who take the survey and are selected for an award draw.

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Eat On The Move £250 UK Survey  FAQs

Does the seller get a copy of the survey?

A seller does not have any right to access the report unless the buyer decides to make them available and the valuer/surveyor should never discuss the report’s true or probable report’s contents with the buyer without the buyer’s knowledge or consent.


Should I worry about my house survey?

Do not lie to the surveyor. Ensure that they have access to the entire house, and address any minor problems to provide an impressive impression right from the beginning. The most important thing is to don’t be worried. Home surveys can be a regular aspect of the buying process.


What is checked on a full house survey?

A thorough structural survey includes an exhaustive examination of both the interior and exterior areas within the home. Your surveyor for property will look at all the areas of your property, including the floors, walls and cellars, doors windows, roofs garages, and much more.


What constitutes a bad house survey?

The most frequent issues discovered by a home inspection are damp structural wood damage, Japanese knotweed, subsidence and electrical issues.

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