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Morrisons Is Listening

Morrisons is Listening is the feedback survey or a customer satisfaction survey portal introduced by the Morrisons Supermarket Chain for their customers and consumers. is the Morrisons Feedback Survey portal which allows sharing of the customer satisfaction and guest experience to the customers.

morrisons survey
Morrisons Survey

Through Morrisons Customer Survey, customers and consumers interested in sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions about their visit can express their visit experience.

£1000 in Morrisons Vouchers Prize Draw is offered to every participant on taking Morrisons is Listening Survey

On completing the Morrisons Survey at, each and every survey participant gets a free entry in the Morrisons Prize Draw who satisfies the terms of sweepstakes rules and follow the steps given below successfully.

Morrisons Survey Prize Draw Terms & Conditions*

Requirements to enter the survey

♦ Morrisons Visit Receipt with Morrisons Survey Code.

♦ A device with an internet connection (laptop, Mobile, tab etc).

♦ Ability to understand and answer in the English language.

Terms & Conditions to win the prize

♦ No requirements for making purchases or payments at the store. Just bring a visit receipt from the store.

♦ Only legal residents of the UK and Gibraltar are eligible to enter the lucky prize draw.

♦ 18 years is the minimum age required to enter the prize draw.

v Staff members, employees, workers, representatives or agents of Morrisons Supermarket Chain or SMG are not eligible to participate in the prize draw.

♦ Morrisons Lucky Draw offers only one prize per household per year.

♦ Each lucky prize draw winner will receive £1000 in Morrisons vouchers. The voucher’s terms and conditions will be available on the back of the vouchers.

♦ The winners must accept the prizes as offered and are non-transferrable. There are no cash alternatives or redeem for your vouchers.

♦ Void where restricted and prohibited by the law.

How to win £1000 in Morrisons Vouchers by Morrisons Survey?

A survey participant must have a visit receipt with the Morrisons Survey Code to share the feedback, perform a survey and get an entry in the prize draw.

Once you have your visit receipt then follow the steps given below to enter the lucky prize draw.

⇒ Visit the Morrisons Survey portal at and agree with the SMG’s privacy policy.

morrisons survey
Morrisons Survey

⇒ Enter the Morrisons Survey Entry Code, Date and time of visit printed on your visit receipt.

⇒ As you will enter the required details correctly, you will be on the Morrisons Feedback page. Here, you’ve to choose or select the proper option to answer every interrogation.

  1. The overall shopping experience at the Morrisons store.
  1. Select the method of payment or Checkout type and Department you have visited.
  1. Friendliness of the staff members
  2. Availability of products and goods at the store
  3. Cleanliness at the store
  4. Assistance availability at the store by staff members
  5. Easiness in making a payment
  6. Acknowledgment of products by the staff
  7. Checkout experience
  8. The freshness of the food
  9. Quality of food product and other products

⇒ Answer How did you hear about this Morrisons Survey? and select your age on the next page.

⇒ You would be asked, “Would you like to enter the prize draw?” Select YES there to enter the lucky prize draw.

⇒ Enter your personal identification details correctly including First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email address.

⇒ You will receive a notification on your screen that” Thank you for your feedback and you’ve entered the prize draw successfully”.

Morrisos Is Listening Survey

⇒ Once you complete the survey or perform the online survey successfully, you’ll get your free entry in the lucky prize draw for sure.

Morrisons Feedback Survey Tips & Final Words

♦ Morrisons always announce the prize draw winners Within 2 weeks (14 days) of the end of each month. A single winner is selected and awarded with a fixed prize of £1000 in Morrisons Vouchers.

♦ So, every survey participant is suggested to check the prize winner every month. Who Knows, if you might be the next lucky winner!

♦ Our users are always advised to take care of their visit receipts whenever they visit the restaurants, stores or supermarkets.

♦ Bring that visit receipt to us at our website and get a chance to win free food, gift cards, discount coupons, cash prizes, etc.

♦ Hopefully, I helped you here through the post available here to perform the Morrisons Survey successfully and get your chance to win £1000 in Morrisons Vouchers.

♦ If you have any trouble in sharing Morrisons Feedback through Morrisons is Listening Survey then comment below and get online help from us here.

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Morrisons Survey FAQ

What is the length of Morrisons online assessment?

Assessment centres are usually 3 hours long. If you park at the store, let them be aware that there may be a time limit. Keep calm and take a deep breath. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Be yourself and talk positive about your experience and skills.

What’s Morrisons online test?

The Morrisons Verbal Reasoning Test consists of a series of questions that must be answered within a certain time, which can vary from one company to the next. A series of paragraphs will be presented to you, which will require you to read them and then answer the questions. You will have three options: True, False, or Cannot Tell.

What are Morrison’s six priorities?

These six priorities were: Increasing customer satisfaction, becoming more competitive, local solutions, popular and useful services, speeding up, and making core supermarkets stronger.

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