Take Midcounties Talk2coop Customer Survey 2022

Take Midcounties Talk2coop Customer Survey

Talk2coop Survey As we all know, the Middlecounties Cooperative is a co-operative for consumers based in the United Kingdom. 

If you are from the UK, you will have heard of The Midcounties Co-op. They offer Food, Pharmacy, Travel, Utilities, Childcare, Post Office & Flexible benefits.

The Midcounties Co-op has launched a Talk To Us Coop Survey at www.Talk2coop.co.uk.

 To participate in this exciting survey, you will need a Midcounties Co-op purchase receipt, an active internet connection, as well as a few minutes of time.

Continue reading to learn more about the Talk to Coop survey.

Purpose of Talk2coop Customer Survey

You can see the importance of “you” in the Midcounties Co-op’s name, Your Co-op. Every customer of Your Co-op, not just you, is important to them. 

Only through customers can they learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and where they can make improvements.

The Midcounties Co-op aims to be more attractive to customers by conducting the Talk2coop feedback survey. This isn’t all. 

Participating in the Midcounties Co-op survey gives customers the chance to win Midcounties Co-op coupons worth PS200. Isn’t that amazing?

The Midcounties Talk 2coop Customer Survey

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Talk To Us Coop UK Survey Reward

The Midcounties Co-op aims to be more attractive to customers by conducting the Talk2coop feedback survey. This isn’t all. 

Participating in the Midcounties Co-op survey gives customers the chance to win Midcounties Co-op coupons worth PS200. Isn’t that amazing?

www.Talk2coop.co.uk Survey Rules and Requirements

To successfully take part in the Midcounties Talk2coop UK Survey and receive a free entry to the Monthly Sweepstakes you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Participants must be 18 years old or have reached legal maturity.
  • You cannot be the sponsor, administrator, or organizer of the Midcounties Co-operative Monthly Drawing Contest.
  • You are also not eligible if your immediate family members are the sponsor(s), or administrator(s) for the Talk2coop Monthly Drawing Contest.
  • To take part in the Talk 2 Coop online survey, you don’t need a recent purchase receipt.
  • Participation in the survey is limited to one per month.
  • You cannot win the same prize again if you have been selected as a winner for a period of 12 weeks.
  • You will be notified if you win the prize draw on the day following the drawing date.
  • You must claim the prize within five days of the winning notification. If you do not, your rewards may be forfeited and an alternate winner chosen.
  • On the back of your gift voucher, you will find information about usage and other terms. Click here for more information.

    Quick Steps to Win £200 Co-operative Limited Gift Vouchers

    1. Visit the Coop Feedback Surveywebsite at Talk2coop.co.uk.
    2. You can either provide the required information on your purchase receipt or you may continue using your receipt.
    3. Next, select the date/time of your visit.
    4. Answer all questions.
    5. To enter the Talk2coop prize drawing to win a gift voucher, select ‘Yes’
    6. To enter the prize draw, please provide contact information and then submit your answers.
    7. You will receive a message about your entry to the Talk to Coop contest.

      How to Do the Coop Talk to Us Survey 

      You can participate in the Talk To Us Coop customer Satisfaction Survey by reading the steps below.

      1. First, visit the Midcounty Co-op’s official survey site, www.talk2coop.co.uk.

      2. Click on the button “Continue strong>” to get started with the Talk to Coop survey.

      3. You will now need to enter the 3-4 digit OP number and the Midcounties Store numbers. Next, you will need to enter the 3-7 digit TXN number that you can find on the purchase receipt.

      4. You can click the “No Receipt” button and enter your store location if you don’t have on
      5. On the next page, enter the date and time of your visit to the store.e.

      6. After you’re done, click “Next” to leave feedback.

      7. You will now be asked questions about your experience at the Midcounties Co-operative store.

      8. You should share honest feedback about customer service and products. Be as honest and candid as possible, and respond to these questions by recalling your experiences.

      9. If you choose, please enter your gender and age. This information is used for classification purposes only.
      10. Once you are done with all that, you should choose ‘Yes’ to join the Talk 2 Coop Prize draw.
      11. Then, enter your contact details such as full name and E-mail / Phone Number.
      12. As soon as you submit your review, you will be notified by the co-op about your entry to the Prize Draw. !

      Talk To Us Coop Feedback Survey – Helpful Tips

      • On the official website, you can find the name of each month’s winner. This can be viewed here .
      • You only have a short time to claim your prize if you are the lucky winner. Keep an eye on your messages.
      • surveydetails.co.uk is available to assist you with any problems regarding the www.talk2coop.co.uk entry.
      • You can also leave feedback and comments about your shopping experience in this comment box.

      About Midcounties Co-operative

      Most people know the Midcounties Co-operative by its common name, YOUR CO-OP. In 2005, the Midcounties Co-op was established.

    8.  The merger of the Oxford, Swindon, and Gloucester Co-operative Society and West Midlands Co-operative Society made it possible to form the Midcounties Co-op.

    9.  The merger led to the famed Society’s expansion of its geographical trading area.

      The co-op’s working base expanded to include Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. The Midcounties Co-op is now a nationally traded Society.

      Midcounties Co-op Contact Details

      The Midcounties Co-op can be reached by:

      1. Write to them at:

      The Midcounties Co-operativeCo-operative House
      Warwick Technology Park
      Gallows Hill
      CV34 6DA

      2. You can reach them by calling 0800 435 902, 01926 516000 or 0808 164 1088.

      Final Words

      You now know everything about the Midcounties Coop talk to us Prize draw, and Customer feedback survey.

    10. There is no reason to wait. You can simply take part in the feedback survey at www.talk2coop.co.uk.

      We wish you all the best! !

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Take Midcounties Talk2coop Customer Survey   FAQs

Who is the owner of midcounties coop?

Welcome to Your Co-op. This is a group of businesses owned by The Midcounties Co-operative. Because we are the largest UK cooperative fully owned by members, you own us. People are the heart of everything that we do, with over 700,000.

Who is Phil Ponsonby?

After initially joining the Midcounties Co-operative to manage its Food Retail business, Phil assumed the CEO of Group for the UK’s largest independent Co-operative Society. The trading groups of the society include Food Retail, Travel, Healthcare, Childcare, and UGliGes.

What’s the difference between Coop Coop & Midcounty?

The Midcounties Cooperative’s travel business is called “Co-operative Travel (Part the Midcounties Cooperative)”. It’s distinct from The Co-operative Travel, which was operated jointly by Thomas Cook and The Co-operative Group.

What are coop members?

Membership is not a reward program at Co-op. It means that you are the owner of a part of your local cooperative association. You can participate in democratic decision-making by voting on resolutions, asking questions and even sitting on the boards.

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