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TellOdeon is the survey feedback portal introduced by the Odeon cinema or theater chain. Odeon Survey allows the customers and visitors from the cinema to express their thoughts and views on customer services. is the Odeon Survey portal that allows the customers and consumers from the cinema to express their thoughts and views.

Through the Tell Odeon Survey, the customers from the cinema can share the satisfaction and experience they have had at the multiplex.

Each and every survey participant gets a chance to win a limitless card and free tickets on completing the Odeon Survey

On an accomplishment of an online survey, each and every survey participant gets free entry in the sweepstakes even managed by the Odeon Cinema

odeon survey
odeon survey

All users get a free entry in the sweepstakes event which offers a chance to win the Odeon Limitless Card or 5 pairs of tickets.

Well, it is necessary to fulfill or satisfy some requirements and follow the steps as shown below in order to get a chance to get entry into the sweepstakes event.

Main Intention of Tell Odeon Survey

The basic purpose of this survey is to give a chance to the customers and visitors to the cinema to share their satisfaction and experience with the theatre. The theatre takes your feedback and opinions seriously.


This allows the multiplex chain to offer better services and offers to its customers at the cinema by examining some simple questionnaires in the survey.

The participants taking an online survey are always suggested to share loyal and honest feedback to the survey.

Odeon Feedback Terms & Conditions to Win prize

Requirements to take the Odeon Survey

⇒ A user must be 16 or over to share the feedback.

⇒ A valid store visit receipt with Odeon Survey Entry Code.

⇒ Ability to understand and answer in the English language.

⇒ An internet-connected device (Lappie, Tablet, Computer, Mobile etc).

Odeon Survey Draw Prize Terms & Conditions*

⇒ Only the legal residents of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland are eligible to enter the sweepstakes event.

⇒ A participant must be at least 18 years or older to enter the competition.

⇒ No requirements of purchase or payment to enter the prize draw or sweepstakes.

⇒ It is necessary to take an online survey at to enter the prize draw online.

⇒ Employees, representatives, officers, managers or staff members of the Odeon Cinema chain or the sponsor are not eligible to enter the prize draw or win the prize.

⇒ Odeon announces 6 winners per month. The first winner is offered one Limitless card while the other five winners will each receive two “Silver” ODEON cinema admission vouchers.

⇒ The prize draw winners have to accept the prize as awarded and are not eligible to exchange for the cash or any other options.

⇒ Void where restricted or prohibited or restricted by the law.

How to Take Tell ODEON UK Survey? | Steps

It is necessary to have your Odeon ticket or visit receipt to take an online survey and get a chance to win the free tickets.

Once you have your ticket in your hand follow the steps as shown below to take an online survey and the sweepstakes event.

♦ Visit Tell Odeon Survey portal at where you can see the notification to get a chance to win a Limitless Card or 5 pairs of tickets. Click on an available option to “Continue”.

odeon survey
Tell odeon survey

♦ Provide the information about the cinema you visited, show-time, and date of the visit which is printed on your receipt, and enter the movie name you show in the theatre.

odeon survey

♦ Agree with the ODEON’s Privacy Policy and terms & conditions and click on NEXT to continue and select your age on the next page.

♦ You will be on the Odeon Feedback page where you have to answer the following questions by selecting appropriate options for the questions.

  1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at the CINEMA you visited?
  2. How likely would you be to recommend the CINEMA you visited to your friends or family?
  3. How likely are you to return to the CINEMA you visited?
  4. How satisfied were you with the overall value for money?
  5. How did you purchase your ticket?
  6. Easiness in purchasing your ticket
  7. The overall cleanliness of the cinema, Cleanliness of the foyer, Condition, and maintenance of the toilet,  The condition, and maintenance of the auditorium.
  8. Friendliness of the team, Helpfulness of the team, Organisation of people waiting in queues
  9. Did you purchase food or drink?
  10. The screen quality and size, The sound quality and volume, The ads played before the film, The trailers played before the film, The noise level from other cinema-goers, Any other noise disturbances, How comfortable the seating was.
  11. Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  12. Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  13. Why did you choose this film?, What stood out most from this film, What made you choose ODEON?

Select your Gender, answer How often do you visit an ODEON cinema?, How often do you visit an ODEON cinema?, What best describes you as a cinema-goer?

♦ now you have to enter your personal details including Forename, Surname, Booking reference number, Loyalty card number, Phone Number, Email Address to enter the prize contest.

♦ You will receive a notification in the end “Thank you for your feedback”.

Odeon Survey

♦ Once you accomplish an online survey successfully, you will get your entry into the sweepstakes event automatically.

Odeon Survey Tips & Final Words

⇒ If you have performed the survey successfully then don’t forget to check the Odeon Prize Draw winners at the start of the new month. Who knows, if you might be the next lucky winner.

⇒ We always suggest and advise our users and readers to take care of their visit receipts whenever they visit restaurants, stores, shops, pharmacies, theatres, etc.

⇒ Bring that visit receipt to us here and get a chance to win lots of free prizes including free food, shopping vouchers, gift cards, cash prizes, etc.

⇒ I hope I have helped you here to take an online Odeon Survey and share Odeon Feedback.

⇒ If you have any trouble in taking the online TellODEON Survey or enter the lucky draw and comment below. We will offer you online assistance here as soon as possible.

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Odeon FAQ

What does the word ODEON stand for?

Acronym. Definition. ODEON. Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation (chain of English cinemas)

Who is ODEON in Greek mythology?

Odin was a Norse god associated with healing, death, and knowledge. He also had a connection to poetry, battle, the runic alphabet, and sorcery. He was Frigg, the husband of Freya. His popularity was also reflected in Germanic religion. Odin was mentioned throughout the history of the Germanic peoples as a god.

Where does the word ODEON come from?

1902, in the classic sense, from Greek Oideion “building for musical performances,” from Greek Oideion “song, an ode”. (see ode). This name was used for the chain of luxurious cinema theaters that operated in 1930 under this name (it had previously been used for theaters in France or Italy).

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