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Take Tell Primark Survey here and win £1,000 in cash & other prizes worth £1,500

To win Primark Survey Rewards check terms & conditions below, take an online Primark survey and get a chance to win now.

If you’re a Primark fan in the UK, then you’ll want to take this quick survey! The retailer is looking for feedback from its customers, so tell them what you think. Whether you love or hate Primark, your voice matters – so make sure to share your thoughts!


Tell Primark Survey is a survey portal introduced by the popular clothing brand, “Primark”. The tell-tale sign of this great service can be found at their website – www.tellprimarksurveyco UK .com

where customers are able to share what they think about shopping in one or more stores location based on factors such as quality/quantity; customer care attitude, etc., feedback given will help them improve products for future releases

When you successfully complete our survey, we’ll send your name and address to the Primark prize draw. You can enter once per month for free!

The Primark Survey Prize Draw is a £1,000 and chance to win great prizes worth up tp $2 500. Every week there’s the opportunity for one person who completed their survey with an entry form on www.[insert link].

primark survey uk

Participants are offered the chance to win Primark Survey Lucky Draw rewards. Participants must have an entry in their prize draw and meet all terms, which is absolutely free!

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Main Intention of Primark Survey

The survey is an opportunity for everyone who has ever been disappointed in a company or product to let their voice be heard.

And the best part? You’ll get something back if they decide your feedback was worth listening to!

The feedback and experience shared by customers will allow the store to get an idea about their level of satisfaction.

The company can use this information as a basis for improving service, products, or anything else that might need improvement in order to help them achieve optimum customer standards!

tellprimark survey

Primark Survey Terms & Conditions to Win prize


♦ A valid store visit receipt with Primark Survey Entry Code.

♦ An internet-connected device (Laptop, Tab, Computer, Mobile, etc).

♦ Understanding of any of the languages from English, Deutsch, Espanol, Catalan, Francais, Netherlands or Portuguese.

Rules, Terms & Conditions

♦ No purchase or payments are required to enter the survey.

♦ Also, purchases or payments are not going to increase your chance of winning the Primark sweepstakes.

♦ Offered a free entry to the legal residents of 50 United States, Puerto Rico, The District of Columbia, Germany, Denmark, ROI, Honduras, and The Republic of Korea.

♦ 18 years is the minimum age required to enter the lucky prize draw.

♦ Employees, representatives, or agents of Primark store or the Sponsor and their families or any of its subsidiaries, licensees or affiliates are not eligible to enter the prize draw.

♦ Void where prohibited/restricted by the law.

How to take Tell primark.co.uk Survey | Steps

It is extremely necessary to have a Primark visit receipt with Primark Survey Code to take an online survey and enter the prize draw.

Just follow the steps given below and enter the prize draw.

⇒ Visit the TellPrimark Survey portal at www.tellprimark.co.uk and agree with the privacy policy of InMoment.

primark survey uk

⇒ Choose a language and click on an option available to Enter the survey.

⇒ Enter the 13 digits Tell Primark Survey Entry Code from your Primark Visit Receipt and click on an option available as Enter.

⇒ Enter the date and time of your visit to the store which is given on your visit receipt.

⇒ Answer the following questions simply by choosing any of the appropriate options given below.

  1. What was the main purpose of your visit to Primark?
  2. About how much did you spend during your visit (Total Cost)?
  3. Select the departments you visited and made a purchase from the store.
  4. Overall satisfaction and shopping experience at the store
  5. Based on your visit to Primark, how likely are you to recommend Primark to a friend or family?
  6. How likely are you to continue shopping at Primark in the future?
  7. Does Primark offer good value for money?
  8. Cleanliness and tidiness at the store
  9. Constructions and infrastructure of the store
  10. Products and size availability
  11. The freshness of products at the store
  12. Does the store offer the latest trends and styles?
  13. Behavior and welcome by the employees at the store
  14. How often do you visit the Primark stores?

⇒ You will be asked if you want to enter the prize draw through the survey entry. Press YES if you want to get a chance to win the lucky prize draw.

⇒ Select your gender, age, and contact information to reach you if you are the lucky winner in the prize draw.

Once completed these steps, a notification will blink on the screen that; “Thank you for your feedback and you have entered the lucky prize draw successfully”.

Tell Primark.co.uk Survey Tips & Final Words

Conclusion paragraph: We hope you had a great time taking our survey. The team at Primark is always happy to provide prizes, coupons, and more for loyal customers like you! If you are lucky enough to win one of the many lotteries draws we have to go on right now.

please let us know so that we can send it off to the appropriate winner ASAP. Thank you again for being part of our latest customer satisfaction campaign by taking this survey today. Best of luck in winning some awesome prizes with TellPrimark UK Survey Draws!

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Primark Survey UK FAQ

Do the factories that make Primark products use slave labor?

We prohibit any use of children’s labor any part of Primark. Primark supply chain. It is not acceptable. It is explicitly stated within the Primark Code of Conduct that is based on the guidelines set in the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) as well as the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

All of our suppliers and their factories have to adhere to the Code of Conduct which covers topics like pay, policies on employment and an opportunity to become a member of a union as well as health and safety – including the minimum age requirement. We conduct a formal inspection of each factory in accordance with the Code prior to placing any orders. 

Our own team of 130 experts located in the key sourcing countries that are responsible for approximately 3000 inspections per year. The inspections help us obtain a complete picture of the working conditions in both newly constructed and approved factories. They help us to verify whether our standards are fulfilled.

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