Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Survey at 2022

LinwYoursacolnshire Co-op Customer Survey survey: Have you heard of Lincolnshire Co-op before? Have you visited Lincolnshire Co-op lately? Are you holding the Lincolnshire Co-op purchase receipt? If so I have some great news for you, my dear friend.

If you own a laptop, computer, or smartphone that has the internet-connected and are willing to invest just a few minutes doing so, you might get a gift certificate worth, fifty pounds. Are you interested in learning more about this amazing chance?

Continue reading and I’ll explain it in depth.

Purpose of the SurveyOne of the reasons Lincolnshire Co-op conducts a customer feedback survey is simple. Every company or business can benefit from the unique information that customers offer. The business will receive information regarding the quality of their products and cleanliness of the store and checkout speed, the layout of the store, the availability of staff and their overall helpfulness, expertise as well as other information.
But, they aren’t required to assist businesses with free information. Customers often receive coupons or vouchers as an incentive. Customers are rewarded, while the company gains valuable information. This is a win-win! Right?

Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Survey

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Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey Survey Reward

There is a chance to be the winner of the Lincolnshire Co-op gift voucher worth PS50 If you are able to succeed in completing Your Say Survey at the Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey on

  • The monthly prize draw has Five cash prizes that can be claimed every month.
  • Each prize draw for the month is restricted to only one winner per prize..
  • Every winner will receive PS50 worth of Lincolnshire Co-op vouchers.
  • If necessary If necessary, it is the Lincolnshire Co-op has the right to substitute or alter the prizes for one that is of equal or greater worth.
  • In no way is there any cash alternatives.

    Lincolnshire Coop Customer Feedback Rules and Requirements

    Below are the rules and regulations you must follow in case you intend to take part on the Lincolnshire’s Your Say Coop Survey:

    • It is necessary to be a person living in the United Kingdom and at least an the age of 18 to take part to take part in Coop’s Coop questionnaire.
    • The employees who are employees of Lincolnshire Co-op (or any of its affiliated companies or other agencies direct participants in the development and implementation the campaign) cannot be eligible to take part in this campaign.
    • The winners could be required to provide proof that they are over the age of.
    • To participate in into the draw for prizes, complete the survey for customers at between the closing and opening dates of each month.
    • An valid email address is required to take the survey and be entered into to the Lincolnshire Co-op Your Say Survey prize draw.
    • A computer-generated randomization process will select the winners by random after seven working days from the date of closing.
    • If you’re selected as the winner If you are the winner, you will be notified via email at your email address that you entered in your survey within 7 days of the winner’s selection.
    • For more information on the guidelines, click here.

Quicksteps to Win £50 Lincolnshire Co-op Vouchers

  1. Visit in a browser on the internet and then select “Continue.”
  2. Decide if you wish to take part with the poll by filling in your receipt information or the details of your invitation card.
  3. Give details about the day and date of your visit, until number, transaction numbers and the store numberof the store you went to.
  4. Answer the survey’s questions by expressing your satisfaction and thoughts about their service.
  5. Select “Yes”to enter the prize draw. Also, provide your contact details.
  6. Complete the survey.

    How to Do the Lincolnshire Yoursay Survey at – Detailed Guide

    1. If the easy steps did not convince you to join Lincolnshire’s survey then you can most likely take part by reading the steps below.
      1. Turn on your smart gadget, connect it to the internet, open your web browser and go to and click on the continue button.

      2. Now, you will be able to see two options to choose from in order to participate in the survey.3. Select if you would like to take part on the poll by entering your receipt information or other information related to the invite card.

      4. If you’ve selected the receiptoption, then you’ll have to provide the following details from the receipt the store’s numbers, the transaction’s number till date, and the time.
      5. If you are taking part in the Your Say Coop Survey by the invite card, then enter the date of your visit, time of your visit, and store number.

      6. Now, you will be asked to answer the survey questions. Try to answer all the survey questions as honestly as possible.
      7. Once you are done answering all the questions, provide your gender and age, which is not compulsory.
      8. Then, select “Yes” to participate in the Lincolnshire Co-op’s Your Say Survey prize draw.
      9. You will have to provide your personal contact information, including your email id and contact number.
      10. After doing all that, you can safely submit your completed Lincolnshire customer satisfaction survey, and you have made an entry into the monthly prize draw. Survey – Helpful Tips

      • The Coop Survey participant can get the winners list by sending an email to [email protected]
      • Share your valid personal details particularly your email address which is used in order to notify you if you’re the winner.
      • Winners must take action and claim their prize within two weeks from the date they were informed; otherwise, your prize may be forfeited.
      • If the winner fails to comply with the conditions stated above, the prize will be disqualified.
      • Participants who are experiencing issues when they complete survey Lincolnshire Coop Survey can approach us to receive help here.

        About Lincolnshire Co-op

        The Lincolnshire Co-op is a user-owned co-operative for consumers that operates in Lincolnshire central England and the Newark region of Nottinghamshire as well as a pharmacy located in Norfolk, United Kingdom. 

        The main goal and mission for Lincolnshire Co-op are to Lincolnshire Co-op are to empower the residents of the area by giving them the resources they require for growth in their economy as well as community development.

        high-quality, affordable health medical care.

        The Co-ops are managed by elected boards comprised of a rotating member base, which focuses on maintaining the long-term relationships with their communities, while also establishing an expanding member base.

         There is a report that members are on average members of the Lincolnshire Co-op is 40 years.

        The Co-op operates around 215 businesses, most of which are supermarkets funeral homes and travel agencies, florists pharmacies, and florists. 

        The projects that which the Lincolnshire Co-op will be involved with include but include but aren’t only:

        supplying IT equipment for a local school as well as assisting the local food bank as well as furnishing furniture for the local leisure center and also for gardens for the communities.

        The information on how to join of the Co-ops as well as how to obtain assistance is available through the Cooperative’s official site. 

        Anyone who wishes to provide information about how they’ve benefited by being a member of Lincolnshire Co-op Lincolnshire Co-op could contact the board or sign up online. 

        The information provided is used for surveys and to prepare reports.

        Lincolnshire Co-op Contact Details

        If you would like to get in touch with to the Lincolnshire Co-op, you can do so via :

        You can reach them at:
        01522 512211

        Contact them via email at:
        [email protected]

        Contact Page:

        Sending them letters at:
        Lincolnshire Co-op
        Stanley Bett House
        15/23 Tentercroft Street
        LN5 7DB

        Final Words

        Like I had told you at the beginning, I’ve recently told you about Lincolnshire’s feedback survey for customers. Why put it off?

        Visit the Lincolnshire Co-op survey page now on and take part in the survey.

        Good Luck.
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        Lincolnshire Co-op Customer Survey  FAQs

        How do I spend my coop dividend?

        To cash out your Personal Member Reward you’ll need to present your membership card or present us with your Membership number at the time you make payment (depending on the Co-op company you’re purchasing from).

        What is Coop dividend?

        The Co-op Dividend tokens are small discs that carried the value of money and typically made of zinc or tinned iron. They were introduced around the middle of the 19th century and remained in circulation until divi days, which could be two times a year, or every quarter. They could be exchanged in cash.

        Are Coop patronage dividends taxable?

        In the filing of Federal tax return, a cooperative can take the amount of patronage dividends it pays during a specific tax year from its total income for that tax year. 26 U.S.C. SS 1382(b). This revenue is not taxed at the corporate levels..

        What are patronage refunds?

        A refund for patronage: The payment made by cooperatives to. patron based on net margins determined by the amount or value of business conducted by or on behalf of the patron. The reimbursement could be either in cash or an official certificate that demonstrates the patron’s choice to request that the cooperative keep the money as an investment made by the patron.

        Why do coops fail?

        The majority of early American cooperatives failed because of inadequate capital (money put into the co-op by its owners) and poor management as well as a deficient knowledge of the principles of cooperatives among their owners.

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